Gate Openers – Metal Gates Access Control

Gate Openers - Metal Gates Access Control

Access Control Systems from Summit Fence North Offer Added Protection for Homes and Businesses

Maintaining security is a vital concern for Houston homeowners and businesses. The right fence and gate solutions can go a long way toward ensuring the safety of inventory, personal property, and people. Access control systems can be integrated into security systems by your security company to provide added protection against unwanted guests and criminal intrusions. Summit Fence North can design and install a comprehensive fence and gate solution for your property that incorporates the latest in access control technologies to ensure you stay safe, secure, and protected at home or in the working environment.

Driveway Gates

One of the most useful and innovative solutions for the modern driveway gate is access control. Installed in conjunction with privacy fence or chain link fencing, driveway gates can be equipped with keypad access or remote control gate openers, depending on the particular needs of the establishment. For private residences, driveway gates can be equally useful in providing restricted access for unfamiliar vehicles or uninvited visitors.

Comprehensive Access Control Systems for Commercial Use

For commercial enterprises, Summit Fence North can construct and install fencing, gates, and access control systems that can be combined with existing security measures to complement loss management strategies and inventory control systems. Keypad access to restricted outdoor areas is a popular choice and offers easy and convenient entry to authorized personnel. Remote gate openers are ideal for monitored access and allow even more precise control over access to restricted areas of your commercial facility.

Integrated Access Systems for Residential Properties

At Summit Fence North, we also offer an extensive array of access system options and gate openers designed specifically for home use. When combined with our ornamental iron fencing, driveway gate systems can offer complete perimeter control for your home and deliver outstanding protection against unwanted intruders. Our full line of access control systems is ideal for vinyl, wood, and metal gate installations and provides added safety for you and your family.

At Summit Fence North, we specialize in providing you with the most advanced and effective access control systems, gates, and fences available to keep your property secure and to enhance your landscaping efforts. We use top quality materials and proven construction techniques to ensure that your fencing project is an immediate and lasting success.

Gate Operators and Control Manufacturers We Use

Slide Gate and Swing Gate Operators

  • Apollo
  • Lift Master
  • Elite

Keypads, Receivers, Transmitters, Safety Eyes, Vehicle Detection Probes, Magnetic Locks

  • Linear
  • Millenium
  • Keystone
  • Multicode
  • Lift Master
  • EMX
  • Seco-Larm

Electronic Entry Systems

  • Patriot
  • Lift Master
  • Linear
  • Elite