Adding Latticework to Your Fencing and Outdoor Décor

wood-fence1Your fence provides a safe perimeter for your family and your property. Adding a few decorative touches can help you make the most positive impression on your guests and neighbors. Latticework can add an elegant touch to your landscaping and can enhance the beauty of your wood fence. This versatile material can also be used to frame a garden nook, to provide lightweight gates for entry points into your yard and as frameworks upon which your climbing plants can make their home. Your local Houston fence company can provide the expertise needed to choose the right materials and configurations for your home. Here are four ways to integrate latticework installations into your current exterior décor.

Added Texture for Wood Fences

Lattice overlays can provide added visual interest for your existing wood fence. Left plain or stained to complement other elements of your landscaping, these additions can serve as the foundation for other decorative touches that may include the following:

  • Rustic artwork and frames
  • Hanging plants and climbing vines
  • Appliqués and whimsical animal-based additions
  • Lighting for decoration or practical illumination

The increased number of attachment points present on most lattices can make customization of these overlays a quick and easy process. By opting to add latticework to your existing exterior landscaping, you can enhance the beauty of your home while retaining the solid protection of your Houston wood fence.

Room at the Top

For shorter wood fences, adding a latticework top can create the illusion of greater height without significantly reducing visibility from inside your yard. These additions can also create a more elegant look for your fence, especially when stained to match or to complement the look and feel of your existing installation. Working with a company that specializes in installing fence in Cypress TX can ensure compliance with all building codes and regulations and can provide you with the most beautiful and practical results for your fence enhancement project.

Enclosures and Accessories

Lattice panels are ideal for accessorizing and enclosing various areas of your front porch, yard and garden to create points of visual interest and to make gardening and caring for plants easier.

  • Lattice can be used to create freestanding trellises and planting areas that can enhance the beauty of your entire home.
  • Raised planting beds can be accessorized with trellis backings to provide a convenient place to hang tools. Lattice panels can also be put to good use as support for rose bushes, tomato plants and other climbing vines.
  • Front porches and crawl spaces can be made more secure with the addition of custom-cut and installed lattice panels.
  • Latticework panels can be used on gazebos to create a privacy screen for these outdoor retreats and to provide welcome shade on sunny summer afternoons.
  • Patios can also be screened off from the outside world with large-scale lattice panel installations.

Your own creativity and imagination are the only limits on the possible uses of lattice to enhance your gardening and landscaping efforts.

Gates and Archways

Latticework gates and archways can provide a rustic charm for your front entryway and can define pathways through your back yard or garden retreat. These elegant additions to your outdoor landscaping can be combined with plantings to create additional green space in your garden and to accent various areas of your yard. The visual interest provided by lattice gates and archways can help your home stand out in a positive way within your Houston neighborhood.

While these four categories can serve as starting points for your latticework landscaping projects, your Houston fence company is your single best resource for all your outdoor fence information and installation needs. By working with these skilled and experienced fencing technicians, you can transform your humdrum yard and garden into beautiful showplaces you will be proud to show off to your friends, neighbors and family members.