Advantages of a Vinyl Houston Fence for Your Horses

Vinyl fence is an outstanding choice for horse enclosures in our area. Durable and low-maintenance, this Houston fence option can provide years of useful service and worry-free performance. Here are some of the primary advantages of choosing vinyl fencing for your horses.

Solid Durability

Fences built for containing horses can take a real beating over the course of an average year. Vinyl fencing is extremely durable and can stand up to most impacts and pressure, allowing you to enjoy the greatest confidence in these enclosures. By opting for a vinyl fence in Cypress TX, you can reduce the risk of injuries to your horses from broken or damaged fencing on your farm.

Low Maintenance

Because the color of vinyl fencing is added during the molding process, these fencing options do not require painting as part of the regular maintenance process. In most cases, the only maintenance required for these fencing options is a regular washing to remove dirt. This simple regimen can help your vinyl fence retain its good looks.

Resistant to the Effects of Sunlight, Wind and Weather

Polyvinyl chloride is the primary component of vinyl fencing. It is often mixed with titanium dioxide to create a surface skin that can resist fading and bleaching caused by the sun’s rays. The durable construction used to create vinyl fences can also stand up to wind and rain to retain its good looks and to perform as expected for your horses. 

Compatible with Electric Fencing

In some areas, electrical wire may be necessary to protect your horses and to prevent them from escaping from their enclosures. Vinyl is an outstanding insulator against electrical current that can allow you to attach your electrical wires directly to the fence. This can eliminate the need for insulators between fence materials and the wires, allowing you to save on installation and equipment costs for your electric fencing.

Fire Resistance

Vinyl is naturally resistant to fire. When exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period, polyvinyl chloride emits a gas that can suppress the fire and prevent it from spreading. This can be especially important in areas with tall, dry grass that could be ignited by a stray spark or ember.

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