Anti-Climb, Anti-Cut Security Fencing

Criminals are always finding new ways to enter into protected properties so that they can steal valuable equipment or damage important items. If you want a Houston fence that will outsmart potential intruders, here are a few options that will increase your property’s security while improving its appearance and providing peace of mind.

Anti-Climb Fences

Anti-climb fencing barriers include some type of design feature that prevents intruders from climbing over the top. You have probably seen an anti-climb fence in Cypress TX that has rows of barbed wire attached to angled brackets. Some fences are topped with coils of concertina wire. They are used around high-security properties, including prisons, storage yards and utility substations.

Non-Climb Fences

These fences are built so that they cannot be scaled. Materials like mesh, decorative metal and micro chain links are virtually impossible to climb. Some fences, such as those made from ornamental steel, are suitable for properties in residential and semi-commercial areas where appearance and security are priorities. Your Houston fence company may offer different heights and colors. Some non-climb fences can resist the impact of a motor vehicle.

Anti-Cut Fences

For almost 40 years, welded wire fences have protected high-security properties in the United Kingdom and in Europe. They were first installed at British prisons, but they are now used around the world because they cannot be cut and are almost impossible to climb. These fences are made from heavy-gauge wire that is spaced tightly and welded together. The close spacing prevents intruders from grabbing onto the fence. Even bolt cutters cannot fit through the openings.

Choosing a Security Fence

Security and privacy are two of the most important features to look for when selecting a commercial security fence. Perimeter fences should protect your property from intruders and potential problems if someone is injured while trespassing on your property.

Fences define your business and mark the boundaries of your property. Depending on where your company is located, appearance and curb appeal may come into play. For example, if your property borders a residential neighborhood, you might prefer security fencing with a PVC coating that complements the nearby buildings. If your business is in a warehouse area, the fence that you select might be much different. A high-quality security fence will increase the value of your real estate and appeal to potential buyers.

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