Benefits of Installing a Fence for Your Dog

Benefits of Installing a Fence for Your Dog

Keeping a dog cooped up in a house all day can cause issues for both you and your dog. Lack of exercise and difficulty in controlling accidents are two major concerns. Installing a fence on your Texas property will benefit both you and your pet. Besides providing security and privacy for you and your family, a fenced yard has many benefits for dogs. It gives them a large, open space to run and play. It also allows your dog to have bathroom breaks when nature calls and relieves you from having to walk your dog when you are tired, or the weather is bad. Try to keep in mind a few of these considerations when building a Houston fence for your pet.

Build It High Enough

A fence of adequate height can keep your dog safe. Some dogs can jump as high as six feet, giving them the ability to jump over fences. Larger breeds can easily jump a 4-foot high fence. Active dogs, even small ones, may also clear low fences.

Before finalizing plans for your new Houston fence, study the habits of your dog. If your pet is still a puppy, ask your veterinarian how big your dog will be when fully grown. A reliable Houston fence company can help you choose the best material, height and layout for your pet-friendly fence.

Consider Style and Design

The design and style of the fence should prevent your pet from getting loose. Small dogs may not be able to jump over a 5-foot high fence, but they may be able to squeeze through slats or dig under it. In addition, clever dogs quickly learn to climb. Even a 6-foot high, chain-link fence may be easy for a dog to climb over. The professionals at Summit Fence North work with you to select a style, material and design that will provide a safe, pleasant enclosure for your pets.

We offer a range of attractive, durable materials, including vinyl, wood and aluminum. Our Houston wood fences are available in several types of wood that withstand the extremes of the area’s hot, humid summers and cold winters. We can match colors and textures to complement your home.

Check Neighborhood Regulations

Although the fence must protect your pet, it should also enhance the look of your property and meet neighborhood and homeowner regulations. Our Houston fence experts have been building commercial and residential fences since 1997. We are familiar with the regulations of The Woodlands and other Houston communities. We can help you design a fence that is attractive, meets regulations and provides the pet security you require.

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