Boosting Chain-Link Security for Your Houston Fence

Installing a chain-link fence can provide you with added peace of mind and increased security for your home or business. Taking steps to ensure that these perimeter solutions offer adequate protection for your property can help you maintain a safer environment for family, friends, staff members and customers. Your local Houston fence professionals can help you achieve the most secure results from your chain-link installation. Here are some helpful tips for enhancing the security of your chain-link fence and the safety of the people who matter most to you.

Choose the Right Height

The allowable height of your chain-link fence may be subject to restrictions depending on the location of your property. Your Houston fence company can provide you with guidance on the regulations governing the installation of chain-link fence and the maximum height for your commercial or residential fencing options. Residential fences can generally provide adequate protection at about five feet in height. Commercial properties, however, may be better served by chain-link fences that range between six and eight feet.

Opt for Heavy-Duty Materials

When buying a chain-link fence, the strength of chain-link fencing depends on the gauge of wire used to construct it. When planning your fence in The Woodlands, TX, make sure to choose the right gauge of chain-link fence to suit your needs. Heavy-duty chain-link fence will last longer and can be more difficult to cut, making it a solid choice for your home perimeter and commercial properties.

Choosing Aluminum or Steel

For proven durability and tensile strength, steel chain-link fences have definite advantages over their aluminum counterparts. Aluminum is a softer, lighter metal that may cost less to install. Steel chain-link fences, however, offer superior protection for your home or business and may be a wiser investment in the long run.

Upgrade to Welded Joints

Chain-link fences are available in woven or welded configurations. Woven fences can be installed and taken down easily, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications. For the highest level of security, investing in welded chain-link fences can slow down would-be intruders and provide a safer perimeter for commercial and residential properties alike. Your local fence company can provide you with cost estimates for these upgrades to your chain-link installation.

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