Causes and Solutions for Common Aluminum Fence Issues

Your aluminum fence offers superior durability and protection for your property. Over time, however, these security solutions may develop problems that require the assistance of a professional Houston fence company to resolve. Here are some of the most common issues that can arise with aluminum fencing and some of the most effective solutions for these problems.

Storm Damage

The high winds and stress caused by major storms can take a toll on aluminum fencing products. In some cases, tree limbs and other debris can cause dents and damage to fence panels and can even dislodge them from their foundations, leaving gaps and sagging sections. If your fence in Cypress TX has been damaged in recent storms, enlisting the help of a qualified Houston fence company can ensure the most practical and affordable solutions for your home or business.


Natural shifts in the soil surrounding your fence can cause posts to change position, causing warping and other damage to your home or business perimeter. In some cases, rain water runoff can cause more dramatic erosion that can loosen posts and reduce the structural integrity of your entire fence. If the subsidence is not too serious, you may be able to shore up posts and straighten fence lines with a shovel and some dirt. Consulting with a company that specializes in all types of fence in The Woodlands TX can provide you with more permanent solutions for shifting soil and erosion issues.


Despite the most careful precautions, accidents will sometimes happen. If your aluminum fence has been damaged because of an auto accident or other unexpected mishap, calling your Houston fence experts can be a good first step toward restoring it to full functionality. If your damage is covered by insurance, working with a professional and established Houston fence company can allow you to obtain the most accurate estimate for your repairs and can help you file your claim more quickly for a faster resolution of these unexpected situations.

Normal Wear and Tear

Over time, your aluminum fence can begin to sag and show signs of deterioration. Checking the condition of your fence on an annual basis and correcting any issues quickly can help you to extend its life and to protect your investment in these landscaping and security solutions.

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