Cedar vs. Redwood Houston Fence Materials: Benefits and Features

The right fence can enhance the beauty and security of your property. When planning your Houston fence project, you may be presented with an array of materials from which to choose. Redwood and cedar fencing are among the most popular options in our area. Here are some of the most important differences between these fence materials and some of the major benefits of both for a Houston wood fence.


Both cedar and redwood fences are designed to stand up to the effects of wind and weather for many years. These woods have a high oil content that allows them to resist rotting and deterioration. Cedar and redwood pickets are also high in acid, which can reduce the risk of termite infestations. Redwood is somewhat denser than cedar, allowing it to last longer under comparable conditions. It also features a higher resistance to humidity, making redwood the preferred Houston fence choice for homes close to the coast or those in rainy areas.


Redwood pickets are significantly more expensive than cedar. This is in part due to the relative scarcity of these two wood products. Redwood trees are not as common as cedar trees, making wider pickets far more expensive for comparable linear coverage. You may be able to afford a higher grade and wider pickets if you opt for cedar over redwood for your fence.


As its name suggests, redwood is typically a deep shade of mahogany or brownish red. It usually features very tight grain to provide a uniform look for your fence. By contrast, cedar is available in white, yellow or red varieties that can enhance the appearance of your current landscaping to ensure the highest degree of curb appeal for your property.


If you plan to paint or stain your fence, cedar is the most cost-effective choice. Since stain and paint can both be used to cover flaws in the grain of the wood and to change its color, it makes good financial sense to opt for a less expensive material if you plan to use stain or paint to cover it anyway. By choosing cedar over redwood, you can make the most cost-effective choice for your Houston fence installation.

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