Chain Link Fencing, More Than Just Galvanized Metal

Chain link fencing has come a long way since Charles Barnard of Norwich, England, developed the pattern in 1844 after copying how his cloth weaving machines worked. Since then, it has become the world’s top fence system and Houston is no exception. In fact, more than 60 percent of the fences that are installed at residences and business in the United States are chain link.

Although many people may have one picture in mind when they think of chain link fencing, there are actually many different ways that chain link fencing can look, and there a variety of purposes that it can serve. These differences can be related to their color, whether or not they remain visually transparent or include stylish caps or other types of decorations.

Many of these fences are coated with a metallic substance that helps prevent rust from forming and allows them to have a considerable amount of durability and quality as most of these types of fences last at least 15 to 20 years. They can also be covered with black, brown or green polymers or vinyl, which help keep the fences from rusting in addition to adding to their aesthetic appeal. These colors can help it blend into or contrast with the background and provide the area with a more stately touch.

One of the primary benefits that owners of this type of fence in The Woodlands, Houston and Cypress TX enjoy is being able to see through them into beautiful natural settings or to keep an eye on children or other loved ones who may be in a pool, an outer natural area or next store. They also provide a way to keep unwanted animals and people out. Homeowners enclose and protect places like beloved gardens and use this type of fencing for dog kennels.

The top portion of a chain link fence is knuckled in order to get rid of the dangerous sharp edges that would otherwise exist. Many people enjoy taking it one step further and adding ornaments to the tops. These can include post caps or balls. In addition, slats can serve as a way to add more color and aesthetic beauty to the fence. Chain link fabric is also used by many people in combination with a wood fence in order to improve how the fence looks and to decrease the ability of others to see in.

Another important benefit that these types of fences provide homes is increasing their property values due to the aesthetic improvement that they provide to the overall look. They can also increase their home’s value because of the improved protection that is provided as well as their ability to provide pet control to keep beloved pets in and unwanted animals out. Another monetary benefit of having a chain link fence installed is that its cost is generally up to five times less than other types of fences.

An additional option available to home owners is to have a composite fence installed. This is chain link fencing that is combined with a vinyl or wood fence. Many people have more ornamental types of fencing in the areas of the house that face the street, while they use chain link fencing in the back yard for protection. This plan also makes more economical sense than using other types of fencing for the entire length of the enclosure.

Many people also incorporate walkway and driveway gates into their chain link fence as a way to both protect the home and allow a way for residents and wanted guests to enter and exit it.