Choosing the Right Color for Your Metal Houston Fence

Selecting the perfect color for your Houston fence can make a positive impact on the appearance of your property and your landscaping. Your local Houston fence company can often provide you with recommendations for metal fence colors and configurations. Here are some helpful guidelines for choosing the right look for your new residential or commercial fence.

Consider the Classics

Both black and white metal fences offer a traditional appearance for your property. Black metal fences can mimic the look of wrought iron to create a clear perimeter around yards and business premises. White fences can be configured to resemble a classic picket fence or to create a striking contrast to your landscaping. By opting for traditional black or white fence colors, you can make a real statement with your exterior décor.

Make a Statement

For those with a bolder personal aesthetic, opting for a red or blue fence can help you stand out from the crowd and could even serve as a landmark for those in search of your home. Be sure to check with the neighbors and your home owners association before installing these assertively hued fences. Your Houston fence company can check on any local regulations regarding the configuration and color of your fence to ensure that your plans comply with all regulations in your community.

Complement Your Landscaping

In some cases, choosing natural bronze, brown or green tones can help your fence blend naturally into your existing landscaping. If you are planning to install a fence in Cypress TX, taking a close look at the trees, bushes, shrubs and plantings that are already in place can help you determine the most complementary colors and configurations for your home or business. Bronze tones are especially appropriate when combined with greenery and can provide an elegant backdrop for entertaining outdoors.

Take Cues from Architecture

For residential fences, choosing a color that matches or complements the exterior paint of your home can create a cohesive design that will showcase your property to best advantage. Making sure commercial fencing goes well with the design and color of your buildings and facilities can help your company present a professional and attractive image for potential customers, clients and patrons of your retail establishments.

The friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Summit Fence North, Inc. can provide you with the right options for metal fences in our area. From classic black and white fencing to bold colors designed to stand out from the crowd, we can deliver the right solutions for added security and improved appearance for your property. Call us today at 281-895-9500 to schedule a free quote for your Houston fence project. We look forward to working with you.