Choosing the Right Gate Opener for Your Needs

driveway-gateChoosing the right automatic gate opener for your business or private residence can ensure convenient and reliable operation for many years to come. Working with an established Houston fence company is the best way to access the expert guidance you need for your new fence and gate installation. Here are some tips for purchasing the gate opening system most suited to your specific needs if you have a fence in The Woodlands TX or Houston that needs a gate opener.

Swinging or Sliding?

Depending on the layout of your gate area and the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve, a sliding or swinging gate and opener may be more appropriate for your property:

  • Sliding gates typically move parallel to the fence on one side when retracting to allow exit and entry. Enough space must be allowed on that side for the gate to retract completely; additionally, any barriers to the smooth operation of these gates must be removed before installation.
  • Swinging gates are available in traditional or split models. Traditional swinging gates open from one side to the other in a sweeping arc. Models are available, however, that split in the middle and open to both sides, allowing these gates to be used in areas with limited clearance and providing an added option for property owners.

Determining the clearance needed for a swinging or sliding gate can sometimes be tricky. Split gates will require openers on both sides, increasing the overall cost of these devices in most cases. Consulting with a professional fence and gate installation company can be an effective way of determining the right type of gate for your business or residence.

Powering Your Automatic Gate Opener

Traditionally, automatic gate openers have been powered using electrical current. Newer models, however, may include solar panels that can generate enough power to manage the operation of your gates without the need for extensive wiring or increases in your monthly utility bills. Many real estate experts recommend the use of solar-powered gates with battery backups to ensure the most reliable operation and the highest possible boost to your property values, especially in residential neighborhoods. By considering your options carefully, you can ensure the most cost-effective and practical power sources for your residential or commercial gates.

Gate Control Boxes and Remote Controls

A number of different control options are available for automatic gate opening systems. Remote controls can be installed inside homes and commercial buildings to allow greater access control for owners and property manager. Portable remote controls can also be installed in vehicles or carried along for added convenience and ease of use. Gate opening control boxes should be positioned well away from the path of the gate to ensure the safety of operators. Your Houston fence company can help you decide on the right options for opening your automatic gate and controlling access to your property.

Safety Measures

Automatic gates can be heavy and can represent real threats to pedestrians, pets and other obstacles in their way. Companies that sell and install fence in The Woodlands TX can provide you with up-to-date information on the latest safety measures available for your new gate opening system. Automatic stop and reverse features use advanced infrared beam technology to identify obstacles in the path of the gate and to shut down its operation until the obstacle has been cleared. These systems are designed to protect people and property against injury or damage from these important installations.

The fence professionals at Summit Fence North can provide you with the best and most cost-effective options for your new gate opening system and Houston fence needs. We have served Houston and The Woodlands for almost 20 years and offer the best array of privacy and security fences to suit your needs perfectly. Give us a call at 281-895-9500 to learn more about your gate opener options and to enjoy the best customer service in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you.