Considerations for Building a Houston Fence for Your Big Dog

As a pet owner, making sure the four-footed members of your family are safe and secure is essential. Choosing the right fence for your dog can help to thwart canine escape artists and can ensure that your bigger dogs stay in the yard where they belong. Your local Houston fence company can provide you with expert recommendations to help you make the right choices for your beloved pets. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a fence to keep intruders out and pets safely inside your property.


Even medium-sized dogs can sometimes jump high enough to scale a four-foot fence. The city of Houston does not require permits for fences eight feet high or less; however, some homeowners associations may have regulations governing the allowable height of these installations. If you are considering installing a fence in Cypress TX, checking with a professional fence company can ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations and that any necessary permits are in place before your project begins.


Your Houston wood fence should be designed to block some or all of the view of surrounding homes and yards. This can provide you with increased security while minimizing the risk of escape or constant barking on the part of your canine companion. A privacy fence can also reduce the ability of your pet to jump up and over your enclosure, allowing you to enjoy greater peace of mind even when you cannot be outside with your dog.


The right fence for your property will protect your pets and people while enhancing the beauty of your home:

  • Picket fences can provide a solid perimeter for your home and may be suitable for dogs less inclined to jump or climb.
  • Ornamental metal fences are a cost-effective alternative to wrought iron and can be a solid choice for families more interested in appearance than privacy.
  • Vinyl fences are a cost-effective and durable choice that can be configured to complement your landscaping and your home’s exterior design.

By choosing the perfect fence for your needs, you can enjoy the most attractive yard and the best protection for your property, your people and your pets.

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