Creative Strategies for Beautifying Your Fence

wood-fenceYour fence provides a secure perimeter for your yard, garden and home. By adding a few accents to your fence, you can also create a visually appealing backdrop for your entire home. Paint, plantings and other accessories can enhance the beauty of your fence to help it stand out from the crowd. Working with a professional Houston fence company can ensure the right canvas for your own unique work of art. Here are seven strategies for creating a more beautiful fence in The Woodlands, TX, and throughout the Houston metropolitan area.

A Splash of Color

Painting your privacy fence in bright hues can add a vibrant new look for your entire yard and garden. A scenic mural depicting natural scenes, whimsical flowers or a favorite theme can also provide visual interest and can increase curb appeal for your Houston home. Enlisting the help of an artistically talented family member or friend can often allow you to create a fresh new look for your wooden privacy fence.

Planters and Containers

Attaching or hanging planters from your wood or metal fence can allow you to incorporate natural blooms and foliage as accents for this physical boundary. Depending on the type of plantings and the amount of rainfall received in your area, these accent pieces may require regular watering and fertilizer treatments to look their best. Choosing brightly colored planters and pots can further increase the eye appeal for your fence enhancement project.

Strings of Lights

Festooning your fence with strings of LED lights can literally brighten its appearance and enhance its eye appeal. White lights generally provide the greatest illumination; however, colored lights can be used to create stunning effects during evening hours. Curtain lights can provide even better coverage and can increase visibility for fences located close to streets and thoroughfares. Be sure to use only light sets designed for outdoor use to ensure optimal safety for you and your family.

Vines and Trellises

Climbing vines can add a touch of elegance to your fence enclosure. Roses, clematis and trumpet vine plantings are often chosen for their distinctive flowers and foliage. Be careful when choosing a climbing plant. Ivy and wisteria vines, for example, can create pressure that can cause deterioration of your fence. These plantings should be attached to a trellis rather than directly to the fence itself.

Antique Chic

Adding antique gardening implements, wagon wheels and other practical items to your fence can increase its visual appeal and can produce a pleasing effect, especially when paired with lights or a neutral paint color. These items can spice up a plain fence and can add a touch of personality to your home landscaping. Old signs can also be recycled as works of pop art to adorn your fence and create a retro look for your home.

Frames and Mirrors

Empty picture frames can be painted, arranged and applied to wood fences to create patterns with real eye appeal. Mirrors can also be used in conjunction with frames or on their own to produce an artistic effect. Avoid using highly reflective mirrors on fences that face onto the street, however; this can confuse drivers and may result in accidents on the road.

Found Art and Family Projects

In some cases, your own family may be the best source for ideas on fence decoration. Woodworking projects, drawings and paintings can often be applied or transferred to fencing to provide a unique venue for these artworks. Driftwood and other found art items can also be used to create a fence that reflects your own personal aesthetic.

These seven techniques can provide added beauty and curb appeal for your fence in Cypress, TX, and throughout surrounding Houston communities. By decorating your fence to suit your own personal taste, you can ensure standout style for your home, yard and garden.