Different Houston Fencing Materials For Different Houston Folks

Different Houston Fencing Materials For Different Houston Folks

Choosing the right fencing materials has a lot to do with your personal preferences. By working with an established Houston fence company, you can achieve the most practical solutions for your needs. This can help you to make the best choices when planning for a new fence or a replacement fence for your property. Here are some of the most popular materials for fencing projects in our area.


Wood is one of the most practical and versatile materials for fences. A Houston wood fence is ideally suited to provide optimal privacy for back yards or to create a rustic picket-fence look for your front yard. Wood is a relatively inexpensive choice for fencing. This cost savings, however, comes with the trade-off of increased maintenance requirements for wood fences and replacement of pickets and other components on an intermittent basis. 


Vinyl offers many of the same privacy benefits as wood but with less required maintenance. Working with a qualified Houston fence company is the best way to achieve the desired result for your vinyl fence installation. Vinyl fences are available in a wide range of colors and configurations that will complement your landscaping and help your home or business premises increase its curb appeal in our local area.

Ornamental Iron

Known for its resemblance to the far more expensive wrought iron, ornamental iron offers the same durability and elegant appearance as its more costly counterpart. Ornamental iron is ideal for larger estates, business properties and other areas where making the most positive impression on customers and guests is of critical importance. These installations typically do not provide a great deal of privacy for your property and may not be best suited for smaller properties where security is a real necessity.

Chain-Link Fencing

As with other types of fencing, working with an established Houston fence company to install chain-link enclosures will help you to produce the best results. Chain link is a low-cost solution that works for creating dog runs and for providing added security for commercial businesses. While these materials do not create the most appealing appearance in most cases, they are a practical option for back yards and businesses with limited budgets and moderate security requirements.

At Summit Fence North, we specialize in providing the Houston fence options you need for your home or business. We work with customers throughout the city of Houston and the surrounding areas to provide quality fence options for all types of needs. If you need wood, vinyl, ornamental iron or chain-link fence solutions, we will create and install the right fencing for your property, your budget and your needs. Call us today at 281-895-9500 to get a quote or to discuss your options. The team at Summit Fence North is here to serve your needs.