Different Options to Dress Up Your Houston Wood Fence

Most homeowners install fences for privacy and security, but that does not mean your Houston wood fence cannot look amazing while providing those benefits! Here are the top five ways to dress up your fence to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Refinishing Your Fence

There is no more effective way to breathe fresh life into your wood fence than to refinish it. Whether your fence is painted, stained, or merely sealed, cleaning the fence and adding a new finish is guaranteed to make it look like new. This option can cost as little as $50 in supplies if you do it yourself, but expect to pay more if you use the services of a Houston fence company. Stained and sealed fence panels should be washed off, but old paint also needs to be stripped if it has started to peel.

Adding Top Trim

Is your Houston wood fence topped by bare pickets? Consider adding some decorative, continuous trim along the top edge. Just like crown molding in a house, fence trim gives your fence a finished appearance. This can be as simple as a 1×6 board running the length of the fence, or it can be an entirely new level of lattice and framing. Want to keep the bare pickets? Consider topping each post with a decorative cap.

Layering the Fence

Speaking of lattice, you can use this common and inexpensive material to add another layer. Most people consider fences to be two-dimensional, but you can build a double-wall structure with lattice offset six inches to a foot from the primary fence. You will not only create striking shadows as the sun moves across the sky during the day but also provide a base for vines to grow if you would like to add them to your property.

Finishing the Base

Moving down our list, most fences do not interact with the ground in a particularly attractive manner. Because it is difficult to mow, you will often find weeds or just bare dirt by the base. A flower bed, walkway, or other decorative feature will make maintaining your lawn easier while providing a crisp edge to your fence.

Hanging Planters and Lights

Why keep your fence unadorned? It is a huge canvas to which you can attach dozens of hanging baskets, LED lanterns, trellises, and other decorations to make it your own. Just screw in a hook, and hang the planter or lantern — it is really that simple. If you would like to move or otherwise change the decoration, just unscrew the hook.

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