Different Types of Gates and Electric Openers

driveway-gateHaving a fence installed around your Houston area home provides security and helps to increase the value of your property. A professional Cypress, The Woodlands or Houston, TX fence company can help you decided which type of fence is the best choice for your neighborhood and budget. Wood, metal, vinyl, aluminum and chain link fencing are the most common options available. You will also need to select the type of gate and gate opener that works best for your lifestyle. The best-built fence in The Woodlands, Cypress, or Houston, TX would be a frustrating thing if it did not have a gate and opener to provide easy entry.

Where gates are concerned, you have three basic gate options: a swing gate, a slide gate, or a folding gate.

Swing Gate

Swing gates can be decorative as well as useful and for that reason they are seen on many commercial and residential properties. A single swing gate or a bi-parting dual gate moves in much the same way as a door, only bigger. Most motorized swing gates open outward and away from the property, but this is not always the case. As long as there is ample space, a swing gate can be installed to swing either inward or outward.

Slide Gate

Usually not as ornate as a swing gate, a slide gate provides an entrance and exit point without the need for a long driveway. Sliding gates roll on wheels to the left or right and typically function faster than a swing gate. Sliding gates are ideal for commercial and industrial locations, especially ones situated near a well-traveled roadway.

Folding Gate

Gates that fold as they open are most often seen in places where space is at a premium. Two or more short panels make up the gate in lieu of a single panel. The panels are connected by way of hinges. The outermost panel operates via an electric motor which is in turn connected to some sort of cable or chain.

For ease of operation, swing, slide and folding gates are equipped with an automated opener. The type you select depends on several things. First, decide how you want the gate to be accessed and by whom. Remote-controlled gate openers are common, but they are certainly not the only kind.

Remote Access Opener

Remote access is easy for most people to operate and for this reason is the kind of electric gate opener typically found at the entrance of gated neighborhoods and apartment complexes. Most users keep the remote control unit in their car. Many gate opener makers offer a control device that clips conveniently to the sun visor of your vehicle.

Keypad Access

A keypad mounted at an entrance may not be quite as convenient as a remote-controlled gate, but it does offer an additional level of security. Where access should be restricted, only individuals who know the numeric sequence code can get in. In the event of a security breach, access codes can be changed.

Automated Sensors

Gates operated by photoelectric or weight-activated sensors are by far the easiest to operate. A photoelectric sensor has an ‘electric eye’ that notices when a vehicle passes by. This causes the gate to open. After a set period of time, the gate automatically closes. Weight or electronically activated sensors are similar to the sensors that trigger traffic signals on public roadways. When a car rolls over an in-ground sensor, the gate is activated. Automated sensors allow any vehicle through and are therefore not appropriate for locations where security is an issue.

Power Source

Each of the above mentioned gate openers require a source of electric power. Most powered gates are connected to an electrical outlet situated near the gate itself. Remotely located gates where there is limited electricity may be powered by one or more batteries. Battery-operated gate openers may be powered by solar energy collected by a photovoltaic panel during daylight hours. Solar energy may also be used as a backup power source in the event of an electrical outage.

When you are ready to know more about automated gate openers, contact an experienced Houston fence company.