Does Your Community Have Specific Fencing Requirements?

pool-fenceWhat Are HOAs and Why Should I Worry About Them?

Having a fence around your home in The Woodlands, TX or anywhere in Houston can help keep children and pets safe as well as preventing people from having easy access to your property. However, if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, it is important to check to see if there are any HOA regulations related to fencing before contacting a fence company. HOAs exist to help keep property values high by ensuring that all homes in a particular area meet the same standards and follow the same guidelines. Along with paying dues to these organizations, you will also have to follow whatever rules they have put in place, which range from how your yard is kept, the color you can paint your home and whether you can have additions or improvements done on your home.

If you do not ensure that you understand and follow your HOAs guidelines, they have the legal options of fining you, forcing you to tear your fence down or having the fence removed and charging you for the removal. HOAs will generally send out a yearly guide listing neighborhood regulations, but if you do not have one, you can also get in touch with them to find out what is and is not allowed. Many HOAs have vastly different rules, so you cannot rely on a fencing company to be aware of the latest regulations for your particular neighborhood.

Common HOA Regulations

Even if your HOA allows you to have a fence, there may be regulations related to the type of fence you may have. For example, while a wooden fence may be acceptable, a chain link fence may not be, and you could also be required to have a fence that meets minimum and maximum height requirements. You are also likely to have to ensure that your fence, if you have one built in your front yard, does not extend past or into the easement. Additionally, some associations will allow you to erect a backyard fence but not one in your front yard. For fences that connect with your neighbor’s yard, you may be able, or required, to share the cost of building a fence with them.

Along with rules for the type of fence that you have built, there may also be HOA regulations about having the work done. Some HOAs will not allow you to store materials in your front yard, even during the building process, and others are very specific about where trash that may accumulate during the installation process can be disposed of. To prevent aggravation and unnecessary expense, it is best to look into all possible regulations the HOA may have related to having a fencing company put in a fence for you.

Other Important Notes
As well as adhering to HOA regulations, you will want to ensure that city ordinances for a fence The Woodlands TX are followed as well. This is something that will generally be left up to your fencing company, but it is not a bad idea to look into these ordinances yourself. For example, some areas do not require that you use “Call Before You Dig” services to verify that someone will not be digging through utility wires.

If you are having a wooden fence installed, it is possible that some digging may be required, and you will want to ensure that your yard is marked to prevent any accidents that could result in your phone or Internet service going out. These lines are only a few inches below ground, so it is easy for someone to inadvertently damage them if they are not marked.