Enhancing Your Houston Metal Fence with Finials and Fleur de Lis

Ornamental iron and wrought iron fence installations offer an elegant backdrop for private homes, businesses and organizations in the Houston, Cypress, Spring & The Woodlands areas of Texas. Adding decorative spears or finials to these fences can add even greater beauty for residential and commercial enclosures and may serve to deter unwanted intrusions onto private property. These ornamental items are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to complement most iron fences. By working with an established and reputable Houston fence company, you can create a unique and beautiful look for your home or commercial property perimeter.

Finials and Spears

Depending on your fence configuration, your project budget and your aesthetic preferences, you may wish to opt for a simple spear point or an elaborate finial arrangement.

  • Spear points are, as their name would imply, simple fleur-de-lis or diamond-shaped spikes that fit onto the tops of the pickets of wrought iron and ornamental iron fences to extend their height and to provide increased elegance for the fence installation.
  • Finials are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Balls and oblongs are the most common finial shapes. Plants, animals and art deco finials are whimsical favorites as well.

The choice between finials and spear points is generally a purely aesthetic one. If you prefer the personalization of finials or the elegance of spears, you can safely let your personal taste be your guide for these ornamental additions.

Metal and Plastic

Iron, brass and other metals can provide added beauty and can complement the appearance of your existing fence. Plastic options are also available and provide a cost-effective solution for enhancing wrought iron and ornamental iron fencing. Choosing the right material for your finials or spears can help to ensure the longevity of these additions and can deliver the look you want at a price you can afford.

  • Iron spear points can be matched with near-perfect accuracy to your existing fence and can provide added elegance and a pulled-together look for your entire installation. Wrought iron finials and spears may require welding work to ensure durability and longevity for these higher-cost options.
  • Brass and other metals offer a unique contrast for most ornamental iron and wrought iron fences and can create a memorable look for your entire fence.
  • Plastic finials and spears are a low-cost choice that can have a major impact on the appearance of your fence and gates. While not as durable as metal options, plastic spears can be easily replaced at minimal cost and are a solid choice for those on limited budgets.

Depending on the area in which the fence is located and the likely abuse it may take from children playing in the neighborhood or other hazards, plastic spears and finials may be the most practical solution for enhancing ornamental iron and wrought iron fencing installations.

If you are looking to add enhancements to your existing fence or to install a new fence in The Woodlands, TX, or anywhere in the Houston metropolitan area, you should consider a few key factors in making your decision:

  • Select an established company with a reputation for solid workmanship. Fencing is a long-term investment; choosing the lowest bid can leave you in a lurch if problems occur in the future.
  • Look for a local firm. If you need a new fence in Cypress, TX, choose a fencing company that serves your community directly. This can save on incidental expenses and can ensure faster completion of your fence installation or enhancement project.
  • Ask for references. Satisfied customers can often provide you with added confidence in managing your fencing project.

By working with a professional fencing company to install, enhance and maintain your fences, you can enjoy greater longevity for your perimeter fences and can improve the appearance of your Houston area home or company premises.

Melanie Ledbetter-Remy | Bizopia – Web Presence Optimization Strategist & Guest Blogger