Fence in Cypress, TX Tips for Apartment Complexes

iron fence in Cypress, TX at apartment complex
A fence in Cypress, TX can improve safety and security at your apartment complex.

Apartment complexes may need a fence in Cypress, TX to help keep non-residents out. Installing a fence boosts security and can help your tenants feel safer on your property. If you own or manage an apartment property, consider installing a high quality security fence ASAP.

Why Install a Fence in Cypress, TX Around Your Apartment Complex?

There are many reasons why apartment communities are installing high quality fencing. The improved security a fence in Cypress, TX can offer has many benefits. First, your property is more secure from vandals, thieves, and other criminals. This can help protect you from liability. 

Another important reason to consider installing a fence around your apartment community is that it is a major selling point for tenants. Gated communities are in high demand, with many people willing to pay a higher rate to live in one of these apartment communities. Good fences can help give tenants peace of mind. Better security can help keep them and their property safe by keeping unwanted people out. 

What Type of Fence in Cypress, TX is Best for Apartment Complex Perimeters?

Of course, there are many types of fences you can choose from. Generally speaking, most apartment properties use ornamental iron as their Houston fence around the perimeter of their property. 

Iron fences offer good security as they are strong, but also difficult to climb. Also, they are attractive to the eye to help with curb appeal. While they may be a little pricier to install, these fences last a long time with minimal maintenance and offer plenty of security for your needs. The main drawback is that they don’t offer much privacy, as you can see between the iron bars on the fence. 

Wood and vinyl privacy fences do offer privacy, but are somewhat less strong than iron. Most apartment complexes don’t need privacy around the perimeter of the complex, which makes these less popular for multifamily properties. What’s more, these options are generally not very cost-effective and can be high maintenance for large apartment complexes. 

Chain link may be a good option for your apartment complex fence and is incredibly affordable, but there are some caveats. First, chain link is easy to climb, which makes access control more difficult. The best solution to this is to add barbed wire at the top of a chain link fence, but this may detract from the appearance of your property. 

Other Fences Your Apartment May Need

Of course, the perimeter of your property isn’t the only place you may need a good quality fence in Cypress, TX. For instance, it’s common to install privacy fencing around dumpsters and outdoor mechanical equipment. 

In addition, if your property has a pool, Texas law requires you to have a fence around it. Pool fences in Texas must be at least four feet high and be made out of materials that are difficult to climb (so, no chain link). They must also feature a locked gate. These fences are required because they may help prevent accidental drowning and other accidents near your pool. Therefore, while you have your fence experts on the property, consider taking care of all your fencing needs at once. 

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