Fence in Cypress, TX: Bridgeland Fence Rules

Wooden fence in Cypress, TX.
Make sure your fence in Cypress, TX meets your HOA design standards.

If you need a new fence in Cypress, TX, you need to check with your HOA before making any plans. Many communities have strict rules about the fence design. For instance, Bridgeland is a large, master-planned community in Cypress that has several restrictions on the type of fence you can build. Let’s discuss some of these fence rules in the Bridgeland community in Cypress, TX. 

Live in Bridgeland? Things to Know Before Designing Your Fence in Cypress, TX

If you live in Bridgeland, there are several things to consider before building a new fence in Cypress, TX. Otherwise, you may face fines from your HOA and may also find yourself needing to remove the fence and rebuild one that meets community standards. According to the Bridgeland HOA design guidelines, there are several rules you need to follow for your new fence:

Allowed Materials for Bridgeland Fence in Cypress, TX

Fences for your home in Bridgeland must be either metal or wood. A Greater Houston wood fence is a great option for a privacy fence for your backyard. However, there may be some cases where you may need a metal fence. These are usually made of ornamental steel to look like wrought iron fences. 

Prohibited fence materials in the Bridgeland community in Cypress, TX include:

  • Vinyl
  • Chainlink
  • Wire
  • Lattice

Height & Location Restrictions for Your Fence

There are also height restrictions for your fence in Cypress, TX if you live in Bridgeland. The maximum height for fences is six feet. However, keep in mind that pool fences must be at least five feet high and must match or be shorter than the height of your yard fence.

Fences must also be ten to fifteen feet away from the front corner of the house, so no front yard fences are allowed in most cases. They should also be on the property line between two properties. 

Allowed Colors for Your Fence

The colors of your fence are also important to think about. For the most part, houses and structures on your property should be earth-toned to follow the community standards. When it comes to your fence, you can’t paint or stain your wood fence. However, you can clear coat your wood fence to seal it from the elements. For metal fences, you must paint them black.

Other Important Tips for Your Fence in Cypress, TX

The Bridgeland design standards also specifically address puppy bars for metal fences. These are horizontal bars located at the bottom of the fence to help prevent dogs from escaping through the fence. These bars must also be cohesive with the rest of the fence design and also be painted black and made of tubular steel like the rest of the fence. 

In addition, keep in mind that all new fences or other changes to your home need approval from the HOA. You may need to submit drawings, plans, and color samples of your new fence to the HOA for approval before starting with fence installation. Our team can help you get these materials together for a fence application to your HOA.

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