HOA Rules & Your Fence in Cypress, TX

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Before you install a fence in Cypress, TX, talk to your homeowners association.

If you live in an area with an HOA, you will need to talk to your homeowners association before installing a new fence in Cypress, TX. Many people don’t realize that they need approval from their HOA to install a fence in Cypress, TX. However, HOAs often do have rules and regulations for fences. Be sure you follow the appropriate procedures for your new fence in Cypress, TX. This will help you avoid problems with your HOA.

Why Contact Your HOA Before Installing a New Fence in Cypress, TX?

Contacting your HOA before installing a new fence helps ensure you avoid fines for going against regulations. HOAs may have rules about the type of fence you have. This helps encourage uniformity, safety, practicality, and also keep property values high. Some HOA restrictions that may apply to your new fence in Cypress, TX, include:

  • Height restrictions
  • Wind and storm resistance requirements
  • Location regulations
  • Style guidelines

While it may seem like a pain to follow these rules, the HOA’s job is to ensure that your neighborhood remains safe and attractive. Therefore, it’s vital to reach out to your homeowners association before installing a new fence. You may be tempted to just start construction on a fence like your neighbors’. However, this could result in fines and issues with your HOA.

Steps to Avoid Issues with Your HOA

When you need a new fence in Cypress, TX, it’s best to take a few steps to avoid problems with your homeowners association. One of the first things you should do is read the most recently updated regulations and guidelines. Even if you think the HOA will approve your fence, it’s best to do a little research before deciding on a style with your fence company. Also, don’t assume that the rules for fence installation are the same as the last time you needed a new fence.

Next, you will need to send a request to your HOA for your new fence. You want to ensure this request is clear and thorough. Include blueprints, pictures, project drawings, fence dimensions, and images or colors of the materials you want to use. This will help your HOA get the full picture of your project.

Once you’ve submitted your request, it can take anywhere from one to six weeks to hear back. However, follow up with your HOA after one week to ensure they received your request and ask if they can provide a timeline of when you can expect a response. This will help you plan accordingly. Once your HOA approves your fence, then your fence company can get to work installing your new fence.

At Summit Fence North, we are a premier greater Houston fence company with the practical, affordable solutions you need for your new fence. We offer a wide range of options to suit your home, your needs, and your HOA regulations. Whether you need an ornamental iron fence or a Houston wood fence, our team offers expert installation for a long-lasting fence. Call us today at (281) 895-9500 to talk to one of our fence specialists and request a free quote. We are here to serve you.