New Fence in The Woodlands, TX: Get Utilities Marked

You’ve probably heard about the campaign “Call before you Dig,” but did you realize this is necessary before installing a new fence in The Woodlands, TX? Installing a new fence may seem like a pretty straightforward project, but it still involves digging. Any time you’re digging more than 16 inches deep, it’s a good idea to get utility lines marked. We’ll discuss what this entails for your new fence. 

Public Utility Marking Before Installing a Fence in The Woodlands, TX

Now, it might seem pretty strange that you need to call someone else before digging into your own yard. However, it’s really important for safety. When digging, you can run into utility lines like water, electricity, gas, sewer, and more. This can cause outages and injuries and you’re liable for paying for the damage. Public utilities will usually mark the general area where their lines run for free. Calling 811 can help you set that up when you’re planning to dig.

white fence in The Woodlands, TX
Installing a fence in The Woodlands, TX? Don’t forget about getting utilities marked!

You’re required by law to call before you dig for a fence or any other project. The rule is if you’re going to dig any deeper than 16 inches with mechanical equipment, you must call and inform public utilities. Installing fence posts usually requires your fence contractor to dig more than 16 inches into the ground. So, you’ll pretty much always need to have public utilities marked for a new fence. Also, keep in mind that water and sewer companies aren’t required to participate in the Texas One-Call Law. So, if you’re planning on digging for a project, you’ll probably have to contact them separately.

In most cases, you need to call at least two business days before digging, but no more than 14 days in advance. Then the utility companies will mark the lines with small flags. Each color of flag means a different type of utility line. For instance, red is usually electric, green is typically sewer, and blue is usually potable water.

Here’s the good news: our team contacts public utilities for you before we install your Houston fence. So, you don’t need to worry about making those calls if you choose us as your fence contractor. 

Don’t Forget Private Utility Locating!

Now, you’re legally required to contact the public utility companies, but it’s also a good idea to have your private utilities marked before installing a fence in The Woodlands, TX. Private utilities are utility lines that run beyond the public utility service meter. For example, sprinkler lines, gas lines for grills, and other pipes or wires that might run underground on your property. 

In this instance, you’ll need to contact a private utility locator before we begin digging for your new fence. These professionals use technology like ground penetrating radar, X-ray imaging, and other tools to help find underground lines. The locator usually marks private utilities with small flags or paint lines with the same color distinctions that the public utility companies use. 

When you choose our team for your new fence, you’ll need to let us know where your private utility lines are to help avoid issues when digging. 

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