Best Types of Fences to Withstand Bad Weather Conditions

Best Types of Fences to Withstand Bad Weather Conditions

The extremes of temperatures and humidity levels in the Houston area make it challenging to select a type of fencing that withstands the area’s fluctuating weather. A Houston fence company has experience with handling the effects of bad weather on fencing. Some types of fencing will withstand Houston’s unpredictable weather better than others.

Wind-Resistant Designs and Materials

Mild winds will not bring most fences down. However, hurricane-gale winds can flatten a wooden privacy fence or tear slats from a fence. Houston fences constructed to let wind pass through them are better able to withstand high winds. Chain link, open slats, pickets and ornamental wrought-iron work well in windy areas. In contrast, solid surfaces, such as privacy or security fences, resist the force of the wind. The result is a fence that will eventually bend or snap at its weakest points. Wind can also blow objects, dust and debris against a fence, adding stress and causing damage.

Fences with sound posts that are well-anchored in the ground are more able to provide support to any type of fence in strong winds. If posts are weak, rotted or improperly set in the soil, they will pull out in high winds, allowing the fence to collapse or blow away. High-quality materials, treated posts, and anti-rust products will better resist wind, moisture and rot.

Moisture-Resistant Materials

The humidity and rain in the Houston area can weaken some types of fencing. A Houston fence company may recommend cedar, vinyl and ornamental iron for a long-lasting fence in the area. Cedar is durable, insect-resistant and withstands humidity and extreme temperatures. Treated wood offers the same benefits. We use metal frames with anti-rust coatings to provide additional strength and support to wooden gates. Some coatings, such as zinc or galvanizing, prevent rust and help metal fences withstand weather.

Aluminum and chain-link fencing also weather well in the Houston area. Chain-link fences allow wind to pass through. High-quality chain-link is resistant to rust. Aluminum is light-weight, rust-proof and easy to care for. It does not warp or develop mold, important features in moist climates.

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