Fencing Ideas to Reduce Yard Noise

wood-fence3You have a beautifully manicured lawn, and relaxing on your backyard patio while enjoying its beauty and listening to the birds chirp and the bubbling water from your fountain is very peaceful. However, you are only able to enjoy that pastime late at night or in the early morning when there is little to no traffic on the usually well-traveled road that is behind your home. Fortunately, a Houston fence company can improve the acoustic quality of your home and provide you with a good amount of noise protection.

There are many reasons why those living in communities such as Cypress and The Woodlands want less noise pollution to reach their homes. Of course, many simply enjoy hearing more beautiful sounds such as those made from crickets and birds. However, there are also medical reasons why getting a fence can be a good idea as high levels of noise can cause an increase in general anxiety levels and cause more sleeplessness than would have been the case in quieter settings.

A fence is one of the best ways to cut down on the noise pollution your house is subject to on a regular basis. If you decide to go that route, know that you should get a fence installed that is as tall and as long as is allowed in your community. If possible, get one installed that is at least 10 feet high. This is because if you can see the source of the noise, you are not being protected from it.

It is also important to get one that is more solid than porous as sound travels like liquids do. In other words, the more open space that is between the source of the sound and you, the more noise that will reach your ears.

Getting a fence that reaches all the way to the ground is also highly recommended as any open space there will allow sound to pass under it will be heard. This is especially true if traffic is the main noise culprit since cars are so close to the ground. However, if you cannot have a very high fence where you live, simply ensuring that it does reach all the way to the ground will help noticeably lessen the amount of vehicle noise that reaches you due to its origin being so close to the road’s surface.

Also consider planting shrubs or similar types of plants at the base of your fence and on both sides of it to help further lessen the noise that does reach you.


Many homeowners who decide to get a fence installed for this purpose decide on wood. One of the benefits of going this route is that a wood fence in The Woodlands, TX, will tend to be more picturesque than one made from other materials as it will blend into its surroundings, and wood tends to deaden sound vibrations.


Conversely, a fence in Cypress, TX, made from a substance such as brick, concrete or stone will block more noise from reaching you due to how dense those substances are. This is because a fence blocking out noise can be compared to a dam stopping water from reaching the other side. The denser the blocking object is, the better it is at stopping anything from getting through.

Chain Link

Unfortunately, a chain-link fence will not help much in and of itself when it comes to blocking noise due to how open it is. However, having a chain link fence installed and then filling it with wood slats or covering it with acoustic fabric would help reduce the noise that you would otherwise hear.