Fencing Options and Considerations for Your Dog

dog-kennelThe United States is a nation of dog lovers. They immediately become integral parts of our families as soon as they arrive. They provide loving playmates for our children, a loyal friend for the elderly and a protective voice for security. Just like good fences make good neighbors, a Houston fence company will tell you that a good fence creates a safe environment for your dog and prevents it from running off and causing you nightmares. It also protects passers-by from any mishap that may occur if your dog is a little overzealous in protecting your property.

Dog fences come in many styles. They all have their particular strengths. Some people favor design over purpose. For example, a chain link fence will not look as nice as a Houston wood fence if you live in a home with modern architecture.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a dog fence. The most important factor is the type of dog or dogs you have. Some dogs like to burrow under fences. Some athletic breeds tend to jump over them. Some are wiry enough to squeeze through the gaps between the fence and the gate. The point is that you must have a fence in Cypress TX or Houston that thwarts your dog’s particular strengths. If you let the fencing installers know the kind of dog you own, they can recommend a fence that will prevent your pooch from escaping, getting lost, stolen or hit by a motor vehicle. Here are some kinds of fencing that are good for dogs.

  • Wood fences are great if you have a particularly noisy dog. A wood fence prevents your dog from seeing and barking at every car, pedestrian, bicyclist or other dog that wanders past your home. You also get the extra benefit of privacy and a natural appearance with a strong wood fence. There are many styles, so you can find one that matches your home. Your neighbors will breathe a sigh of relief if you have a wood fence because they will not hear your pet barking constantly. Wood fences are also difficult to climb.
  • Although chain link fencing is not the most attractive choice, it is definitely great for security and strength. It can be used for industrial areas that demand high security and will have large dogs patrolling the property at night. It is also good for a dog run in the backyard. Chain link fencing is reasonably priced, easy to install and a good, practical choice. The bottom can be buried to prevent your dog from tunneling beneath it. It is the most popular fence for public dog parks for all these reasons.
  • A vinyl fence is long lasting, sturdy and can stand up to the Houston climate. It also looks great. Vinyl is a good choice due to its environmentally friendly nature. It is recyclable and requires the slightest maintenance. Any stains your dog makes can easily be rinsed off with a garden hose. Vinyl fencing is available in many colors, textures and finishes.
  • Ornamental aluminum fences feature a strong open design that will enhance the beauty of your home while it protects your furry buddy from all sorts of problems. These elegant fences come in so many styles that you can find just the right one for your needs.

Whether you have a brand new purebred puppy or a small pack of mutts, there is a style of fence that is perfect for your needs. Your choice should be based on your dog’s habits and the type of area the fence will be containing. A fenced-in yard is a much kinder option than keeping your dog on a chain all day long.