Fencing Options for Apartment Complexes

Apartments present numerous design challenges. On one hand, apartments are private residences for individuals or families, but on the other, apartment complexes are relatively public in nature. Choosing the right type of apartment fence in the Woodlands TX will help reconcile those two sides while balancing privacy, security, and access.

Chain Link Fencing

By a pretty significant margin, chain link fencing is the most affordable type of fencing for projects both large and small. It’s quick and easy to install and can conform to any typography or other site conditions without issue. However, it’s more utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing for apartment fencing, which makes it a good choice for industrial applications or a playground, but chain link fencing probably isn’t something you want to surround your entire apartment complex with. Chain link fencing offers good security on its own, and while barbed wire along the top will improve its security value, barbed wire can start to make your complex look like a fortress or prison.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

At the other end of the spectrum is ornamental iron fencing, which also offers minimal privacy and good security but, unlike chain link fencing, provides a sophisticated, pleasing appearance. Because it’s more expensive, ornamental iron fencing is often used around the entrance and public access points before transitioning to a more affordable type of fencing in other areas of the apartment complex.

Wood Privacy and Picket Fencing

Few types of conventional fencing beat the good old fashioned wood privacy Houston fence for security and privacy. However, wood requires annual maintenance to prevent staining and cracking, which adds to its lifetime costs. Fortunately, individual planks and pickets are easy and inexpensive to replace. Privacy fences also excel at cutting down urban noise such as from heavy traffic.

Wood picket fences, on the other hand, run into many of the same problems as ornamental iron fencing. Wood picket fencing is attractive but doesn’t offer the security of a privacy fence, and because it’s made out of wood, expect annual upkeep costs.

Aluminum and Vinyl Fencing

Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in aluminum and vinyl Houston fence installations. Vinyl and aluminum fencing both come in a wide variety of styles, and they will last for decades barring a disaster. Pricing ranges from the low-end with basic vinyl panels up to the more expensive side of fencing with decorative aluminum, but both materials are attractive and will work well across your entire apartment complex.

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