Fencing Options For Dog Owners

dog-kennelThere was a time when people felt free to let their dogs wander around their neighborhood. Most suburban homes back then did not have fences, and dogs were well-adjusted socially. They were familiar with the local children, and the children were not afraid when Emma the French poodle would visit them. On occasion, a mailman or other stranger might get a scare or a nip, but dogs were less likely to attack viciously. Nowadays, people are frequently turning to a Houston fence company to establish a perimeter for their beloved pets. Good fences make good neighbors.

A Houston fence will protect your dog in two ways. It will keep your dog from roaming and getting into fights with other dogs. It will also keep other dogs from getting into your yard and attacking your pet. A good, tall fence is also an effective way to keep predatory animals from killing your pet.

If you feel the need for a fence in Cypress TX, you should have it installed by a professional fence company. They know the strengths and weaknesses of the main fence types, and they can recommend the proper type of fence for your pet and yard.

There are basically two kinds of fences that will effectively thwart your dog’s desire to run wild and will keep other dogs and varmints out of your yard. The type you choose will depend on the kind of dog you have and its personality.

Some dogs just need to be dissuaded from escaping. These dogs enjoy cruising around looking for things to do to break up the monotony of their day, but they frequently encounter other dogs who are territorial and will not tolerate another dog in their space. If your dog is mild-mannered and mellow, a chain link fence will probably serve the purpose. Your pet can watch the world go by and be entertained all day long. Some dogs, however, get overly stimulated by watching a never-ending parade of bicyclists, skateboarders, postal workers, joggers and flocks of children on their way to or from school. If your dog likes to bark at the passersby, you probably would be better off having a wooden privacy fence installed.

A chain link fence also lets outside dogs and rambunctious kids know that there is a dog living on your property. They may choose to tease or confront the dog, which will agitate your pet. Some people will even try to steal your dog for resale to another family or a lab that uses dogs to test products. With a privacy fence, your dog is safe from intruders and the attentions of other dogs that may have wandered into your neighborhood looking to mate or start a fight.

Dogs are escape artists. They usually breech a fence in two ways.

  • The most common method is to jump over the fence. If your fence is 4 feet high, most dogs can easily hop over it. If you have a smaller breed, remember that there are larger breeds that can jump over it to get at your dog. Coyotes, for example, are great jumpers. Some dogs can figure out ways to climb or clamber over the fence. Your fence should be at least 6 feet high, whether it is chain link or wooden.
  • Dogs are natural diggers, especially those that were bred to chase rats and varmints into burrows. To discourage this, the fence should be buried at least 6 inches deep into the ground.

A professional fence company can install the perfect fence to keep your dog on your property and to keep unwanted dogs and predators from getting in your yard.