Filing an Insurance Claim to Get Your Fence Repaired

Corral-Board5Homeowners’ insurance policies often pay for repairs after your fence has been damaged. For example, you may need to fix your fence because it was destroyed by termites, or it may have been damaged by torrential rains or violent weather. In either case, you can contact a Houston fence company without the fear of being unable to afford to pay for repairs or replacement. But before you do so, you will need to consider a few things first.

The Deductible

Homeowners’ insurance policies often require that you pay a “deductible.” The deductible is the amount of money that you will need to pay before your insurance company will cover the rest of your claim. In many cases, the deductible is equal to $1,000.

When Not to File a Claim

Typically, the Houston fence company contractor comes to your property to survey the damage. The estimate you receive in this example is $800. In this case, it would not be beneficial for you to file a claim because the insurance company is not responsible for sharing the cost of repairs that are less than your deductible.
It may also not be in your best interests to file a claim if the estimated repair bill is equal to $1,500, especially if you recently filed a claim for homeowners’ insurance coverage. In cases such as these, insurance companies tend to increase their clients’ rates after multiple claims. Although you are entitled to file a claim for the $500 payment, it may not be worth it.

When to File a Claim

Your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover repairs for a fence in Cypress TX or Houston that was damaged after a tree fell on it during a wind storm. Debris needs to be removed, and a large section of the fence must be repaired. The estimate that you receive is equal to $3,000, and you have never filed a claim with your current insurance company before. This scenario is one in which it makes sense for you to file a fence damage claim with your insurance company. Rather than a $3,000 bill, you will only be responsible for paying $1,000.

How to File a Claim

  1. The claims process is very simple. The first thing to do is make sure that the cause of the damages is listed under Coverage B of your insurance policy. This section is typically labeled “Other Structures.”
  2. Damages can occur because someone deliberately causes them. If your fence has been vandalized, contact the police department so that an officer can write a report for you.
  3. The insurance adjuster will appreciate it if you can provide them with pictures of the damage. If you have photos of the fence before it was damaged, this will benefit you as well.
  4. Call your insurance agent right away so that they can begin working on your claim.
  5. Your agent will send an insurance adjuster to survey the damage. You will be able to present the police report and/or photographs to them at this meeting. Make sure to point out any damage the adjuster misses.
  6. If your agent offers you an unfair settlement, feel free to turn it down. You do not have to accept an offer until you are happy with the amount.

If Your Fence Is Jointly-Owned

If you share the fence with a neighbor, each owner is responsible for paying 50% of the cost to have the fence fixed. However, your insurance company is only required to pay your half of the cost of the repairs. In our $3,000 example from above, this would be $1,500, and your insurance covers $500. Your neighbor will be required to file a claim with his or her insurance company for the other half.