Five Factors to Consider When Planning Your Driveway Gate Installation

driveway-gateA driveway gate installation can provide added security while creating an attractive point of entry for your property. Before installing a driveway gate system, however, you should consider a number of factors that may affect the success of your project and that can impact your enjoyment of your home and property. Engaging the services of an experienced Houston fence company can ensure the highest quality for your installation. Here are five key factors to consider when having a new driveway gate installed.

Slope of Terrain

Driveways that slope upwards, downwards or from side to side may require added planning to ensure the right fit for your gate. In some cases, the ground may need to be graded and leveled to ensure optimal appearance and functionality. Slope gradients can also affect the direction in which your gates open and close and may necessitate sliding gates rather than traditional swing-gate installations. Companies with solid experience in installing fence in Cypress TX can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your driveway gate operates properly in almost any terrain.

Temperature Differentials

In climates with cold winters and hot summers, installing main posts that extend below the frost line can help prevent shifting and instability due to temperature changes throughout the year. Unexpected shifts could allow your gate to go out of alignment, reducing its effectiveness in protecting your property. Professional fence and gate installers can help you select the right configuration for your driveway gate to maximize its longevity and to account for any climate conditions that could cause possible deterioration over time.

Local Building Codes

Checking with your local building code administration office can help you ensure that your fence is in compliance with all applicable regulations regarding height, material and location. In most cases, your fencing contractor can provide you with the information necessary to ensure full compliance with city regulations; however, if you live in an area with neighborhood-specific requirements, checking into these can save you time and trouble when planning your driveway fencing project.

Automation Options

Even if you do not need an automatic driveway gate currently, ensuring that your installation can be upgraded to incorporate this technology can save you money over the long run and may make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Installing gates that are strong and durable enough to handle the additional stress of automated opening and closing systems can provide you with added options throughout the life of your gate. Adding an emergency access lock to automated driveway gate systems is required in some locations and can ensure faster response times for fire, police and other public safety agencies in the event of an emergency.

Material Choices

To some degree, the materials chosen to construct your gate will depend on your landscaping preferences. If you have already chosen ornamental iron or metallic fencing for your property, choosing a gate material that complements these design choices can help create a cohesive look for your entire home. Choosing a qualified and experienced company to install your fence in The Woodlands TX can provide you with the most attractive and durable results for your driveway gate project. Galvanized metal gates provide added durability and are generally preferred over the cheaper electroplated models. Consulting with a professional Houston fence and gate installation company can help you determine the most durable and appropriate materials to create the right impression for guests to your home or business.

A properly installed and maintained driveway gate can offer added peace of mind and security for home and business owners by controlling access to their private property. By working with an established and knowledgeable fencing company, Houston property owners can enjoy a beautiful and functional new addition that can boost convenience, curb appeal and resale value.