Four Ways to Finance Your Houston Fence Project

ornamental-iron2Installing a quality fence can provide you with added security for your property, pets and family members while increasing the value and utility of your home. Consulting with an established Houston fence company can provide you with added peace of mind during the design and installation process. Depending on your particular set of needs, you can choose from a wide array of materials when constructing a secure perimeter or enclosure for your home:

  • Wood fences can be stained or painted to match your existing décor and provides superior privacy for relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work.
  • Chain-link fences offer solid security and are ideal for dog runs and other enclosures designed to keep intruders out and pets confined to your property.
  • Wrought iron and ornamental iron fences provide an elegant backdrop for landscaping and are ideal choices for estates and larger residential properties as well as commercial enterprises.
  • Vinyl fencing options are available in an array of colors and typically provide increased durability for residential properties.

Coming up with the financial resources needed for this practical addition to your home can be challenging. Companies that specialize in Houston fence installations can often provide you with cost-effective financing options to streamline the home improvement process for you and your family.

Home Equity Financing

If you have accrued significant equity in your Houston home, you may be eligible for a line of credit from your mortgage lender that can provide low-interest funding for your new fence installations. Home equity loans typically allow maximum flexibility for spending while requiring a much lower interest rate than comparable personal loans or credit cards. While these options are not available to all Houston homeowners, they can represent the most cost-effective solution for small-scale home improvement projects. Home equity loans are secured by the value of the home and do carry greater risk than some other available options if you default on the loan.

In-House Installment Plans

Companies that install fence in The Woodlands, TX, or the surrounding areas may offer installment plans that can provide real help for families who need a fence immediately but do not have the cash on hand to pay for it outright. By spreading out the costs of fence installation over a number of months, you can often arrange for manageable payments while enjoying your new fence right away.

Personal Loans

If you have maintained a good credit rating, you may qualify for a personal loan from your bank or another lending institution. These unsecured loans offer a lower degree of risk than home equity arrangements but may feature a higher interest rate and less favorable repayment terms. Be sure to clarify the interest rate with your lender before signing on the dotted line; in some cases, interest rates for personal loans can even exceed those for credit cards, making these lending arrangements a poor choice for financing a fence project.

Credit Cards

For most consumers, the high interest rates associated with credit cards can prove prohibitively expensive for larger purchases like fence installations. Some companies, however, offer an initial zero-percent interest rate for an extended period of time for newcomers to their credit card services. This can provide added time for you to pay for your fence installation without excessive accumulation of interest on your new home addition.

Obtaining a firm quote from a reputable Houston fence company can provide you with an accurate idea of the funds necessary to complete your project. This can allow you to plan for the costs associated with your new fence and to estimate the monthly payments required to put your plan into action. By comparing the various options available to you in the financial marketplace, you can ensure that your home improvement project is accomplished with the lowest possible cost to you and your family.