Four Ways to Keep Animals From Digging Under Your Houston Fence

Your Houston fence can provide added security for your home and property. Making sure that your pets do not undermine that security by digging under your fence can help you keep them safer at home. Here are some proven strategies for preventing animals from digging under your fence

Plant a Hedge 

Hedges, bushes and shrubs can provide several benefits for your home. By creating a line of vegetation along the fence in question, you can create a barrier that could discourage your dogs from digging along the fence line and could also serve as a deterrent for animals attempting to come in from the outside. A thick hedge can also improve your security by creating an added obstacle for intruders attempting to enter your property over the fence. 

Install Some Rocks 

Decorative rocks can prevent digging when arranged carefully in front of your fence in Cypress TX. Larger rocks are ideal for blocking off favorite digging spots, while purchasing smaller decorative rocks can create a larger barrier for more determined dogs. Making sure you apply a thick layer of these smaller rocks can ensure that your dog does not simply remove them during the digging process. 

Add Ground Fencing 

Some Houston fence companies offer galvanized steel ground fencing options to provide added barriers for animals that like to dig, including dogs and rabbits. By enlisting the help of these professionals to install an added layer of fencing around the perimeter of your yard, you can enjoy the most practical solution for your dog’s digging problem with minimal work on your part. 

Install L-Footers 

Typically constructed of chicken wire and brackets to hold these footers in place, L-shaped footers cover a portion of the ground close to the fence and create a barrier that prevents dogs from digging their way out of your yard. The bottom portion of the chicken wire is buried to a depth of one or two feet depending on the size of your dog. This is necessary to prevent clever dogs from simply going under the chicken wire. The top portion of the chicken wire is affixed to wooden fences with brackets and to metal fences with wire, ensuring that these solutions stay in place to protect your pets and your property. 

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