Good Houston Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Houston Fences Make Good Neighbors

The poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost narrates the perspectives of two neighbors who share a wall between their properties. The poet questions why the wall is needed. However, the neighbor regards it as necessary. The two perspectives are important to remember if you are planning to fence your Houston property. Although you may have a legal right to build a new Houston fence along a common property boundary, the project may not be viewed positively by your neighbors. Before finalizing your plans, take the time to explain your ideas to your neighbors and find out how your new fence may affect them.

Reasons for a Fence

There are many reasons for building a fence. Fences enhance the safety of your property by keeping unwanted elements out. They also keep your pets from straying into your neighbor’s vegetable garden. If you have a swimming pool, local codes may require that the pool be fenced. If your neighbors do not respect the separation of properties, a Houston fence will establish a clear-cut boundary.

Fences also add privacy. If you live on a busy street, fences reduce noise and provide a barrier to lights from night traffic. An attractive fence can increase the curb appeal of a home. A vine-covered wall or a wrought-iron fence sets a mood. An attractive Houston wood fence works well with most architectural styles.


The purpose of the fence may affect the design, including the height, material and placement. To ensure that your fence meets your specifications and blends in with the look of the neighborhood, work with an established Houston fence company that has experience in designing and installing fences in your subdivision.

The professionals at Summit Fence North design and install fences for commercial and residential properties throughout the Houston area. We know the standards and requirements for fencing in major Houston subdivisions, including The Woodlands. We also understand how local weather affects Houston fences. We use high-quality, long-lasting materials to guard against moisture, wind and sun.


One of the most important elements of building a new Houston fence is to make sure it is properly installed. At Summit Fence North, we set posts in concrete to shield them from moisture. We recommend cedar for Houston wood fences because it is moisture-resistant, does not warp and weathers to a pleasant color. We also install vinyl, wrought iron and chain link fences.

Every fence we install is custom-designed. During our free consultation, we evaluate your property and speak with you to understand your needs, taste and budget. We also install gates and entry controls for added security. Our experienced staff can help you design a fence that meets your needs and blends in with your neighborhood.

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