Grades of Cedar for Your Houston Fence

Choosing the right materials for your Houston fence can make a real difference in its appearance and durability. Cedar offers increased stability and resistance to warping and shrinking, making it a preferred choice for fences in our area. This versatile material is available in a variety of grades and styles to suit almost any outdoor décor. Here are the most popular types and grades of western red cedar wood for fencing projects.

Clear Grade

Clear grades of cedar are free of any rings, knots or other imperfections and present a uniform appearance for your fence. Depending on the source of clear-graded cedar, some very small pin knots may be allowed; otherwise, however, the cedar should be finely grained and without any significant variations from the norm. Clear cedar is further graded as follows:

  • Clear vertical grain, or cv, cedar boards may have very slight warping or tears on the surface.
  • A & better clear boards can have up to two tight and small knots and may have minor imperfections due to saw inconsistency.
  • C & better clear cedar may have sap stains or pitch streaks and can have more than two small knots.
  • D & better clear boards can have up to two larger knots as well as pin holes, skips and streaks due to sap or pitch.
  • Select tight knot clear boards are free of any imperfections other than knots and burls.

Your Houston fence company can provide you with added information on the specific differences that separate one grade of clear cedar fencing materials from another.

No. 1 Grade

One or two knots and blemishes are allowed on No. 1 Grade western red cedar. This is one of the most popular choices for Houston wood fence installations in high-visibility areas.

No. 2 Grade

A few knots, blemishes and discolorations may be present on No. 2 Grade cedar boards. This grade of western red cedar is often chosen for fences in lower visibility areas and offers an attractive but not flawless appearance for these installations.

No. 3 Grade and Below

These grades of cedar may contain numerous knots and flaws that add to the character of the wood. They may also, however, reduce the durability and strength of the fence and may not be the best choice for residents of the Houston area. Cedar rated as No. 3 grade must not have any holes that go through and may be referred as No. 3 NH or no-hole.

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