Greater Houston Fence Codes: Planning Your New Fence

If you’re looking to install a Houston fence, you’ll need to follow any fence codes for your area. Many of these codes change depending on where you’re located. For example, codes may change between Houston and The Woodlands.

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Check with local regulations and your HOA before installing a new Houston fence.

Understanding these rules and regulations can help save you time, money, and hassle as you plan your new fence. Our team knows fence codes and can help you design your fence with confidence. 

Restrictions on Greater Houston Fence Design

In much of Greater Houston, you don’t need a permit for your Houston fence if it’s under eight feet tall. However, some rules do apply and you’ll also need to check with your Homeowner’s Association if you have one.

If your Houston fence is wood or metal and eight feet tall or shorter, then you generally won’t need a permit. However, if you’re located in flood zones A or V, then you’ll need a permit to build your new fence. For this permit, you’ll need a permit application, site plan, and fence design plan to send to the Houston Permitting Center.

Once you have your permit, you can begin constructing your fence in Greater Houston. The processing time for a permit, according to the Houston permitting center, is about 10 days and is valid for six months. Our professionals are here to help you with the permitting process so you’ll have your new fence in no time. 

Planning your Fence in The Woodlands, TX

However, if you’re planning to install a fence in The Woodlands, TX, then there are some other restrictions that may apply. For example, there may be several design elements that you’ll need to follow. 

For example, minimum fence height is four feet tall for a perimeter fence in The Woodlands, TX. Also, the maximum fence height varies from six feet six inches tall to eight feet six inches tall. The maximum height depends on where your property is located, such as next to a major thoroughfare versus a private street. 

Chain link fences generally aren’t allowed for properties in The Woodlands. Also, in some cases your fence may need integrated vegetation on the fence. In addition, some other design restrictions apply. So, keep these fence restrictions for The Woodlands in mind as you plan your new fence.

Fortunately, your Houston fence specialists can help guide you through this planning process and even help you obtain the necessary permits for your new fence. 

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