Home Decor Uses For Old Wood Fencing

commercial-wood-fenceMany people who have a Houston wood fence are quick to throw away old pieces of their fencing. However, this faded, weathered wood can be used to make a variety of home decorations. With a hammer, a few nails, some sandpaper and a little bit of paint, any tired, old section of wood fencing can be turned into something spectacular. Using pieces of a fence in Cypress TX to decorate a home provides a fun project and saves money. Every environmentally friendly Houston fence company applauds the practice of reusing wood fencing and saving resources.

Decorative Rack

Use two long pieces of fencing, and cut another piece or two into smaller pieces for the rungs of the rack. Sandpaper or a sander will finish off rough edges from cutting. Use nails or screws to attach the rungs from the outside. The rack can be used to hang clothes, blankets, decorative quilt signs or towels.


Use a thick and sturdy piece of wood fencing to create a mantel. If the wood is not very sturdy, use two pieces side by side. Cut smaller pieces to place under them as braces. Paint or stain the mantel if desired. For a rustic look, add some decorative embellishments.

Picture Frame

For thinner pieces of wood fencing, it may be possible to attach them with wood glue. If the pieces are thick enough to be nailed, nail them from only two sides toward where they are joined together. These frames are great for rustic pictures, family photos or prints. For thicker pieces of wood, add a piece of glass or plastic to make a shadow box.

Decorative Sign

There are many types of signs that can be made from old wood fencing. Use the desired size of wood pickets to paint a vintage sign graphic, a slogan or a name. For example, a person who has a country theme focusing on apples could make a sign with an arrow that says “Apple Orchard This Way.” A person using a nautical theme could paint a sign reading “Captain’s Quarters.” The possibilities are nearly endless.


Rustic crates blend well with a variety of themes. They can be made using screws, nails or wood glue depending on the weight and size of the wood. Cut the wood pieces to the desired sizes for the crate. Use at least three wood pickets for each side. This means an open crate would need 15 pieces of wood. Use either two vertical slats and three horizontal slats or vice versa for each panel. Glue or nail the slats crossing one another first to make the panels. When finished, glue or nail the panels together to make a crate. Paint words or designs on the sides of it if desired to coordinate with an existing theme.

Hook Board

Everyone can use a hook board for coats, scarves, keys, towels or just about anything else that is more conveniently accessed when hung up. Use a slab of wood fencing, and buy as many hooks as desired. It is usually possible to just screw them into the wood. Attach hanging brackets, drill two holes on each side for wall hangers or put the board on wall pegs.

Side Table

Use slabs of wood to make a table. Line up three slabs equal lengths apart. These will be the braces. Use additional slabs to nail across the brace pieces using the desired spacing distance. Attach more slabs to use as table legs, or set the table piece on top of an existing side table for a rustic look.