Building a Houston Fence Around Your AC Unit

lattice Houston fence hiding AC unit
A Houston fence can help protect and hide your home’s air conditioner unit.

Many homeowners install a Houston fence around their outdoor air conditioning unit. These fences can help improve curb appeal, meet your HOA’s rules regarding visible AC units, and also protect your unit from debris and copper thieves. If you’re considering putting a fence around your AC unit, there are a few things to keep in mind for the fence design. Let’s talk about air conditioning unit fences, why you might want one, and some design tips. 

Why Install a Houston Fence Around an AC Unit?

In Houston we rely on good air conditioning to help stay cool and comfortable. However, I think we can all agree that air conditioning units aren’t the most attractive things to have in your yard. Installing a Houston fence around the unit can help boost curb appeal for your home. Often it is much more visually appealing to look at a nice fence instead of an outdoor AC unit. In fact, many HOAs require fencing around air conditioning units for that reason. So, whether for your own aesthetics or to meet HOA restrictions, curb appeal is a huge reason why many homeowners build fences around their AC units.

Another reason you might want to call our Houston fence company for an air conditioning unit fence is because it can help protect your AC unit. Anything that limits airflow can make your unit break down and work less efficiently. It’s common for debris to fall onto the unit or shrubs to get too close to the unit. A fence can help prevent these issues. 

Finally, let’s not forget that you might need to keep your AC unit from thieves. You might not realize, but it’s actually fairly common for people to steal the copper out of air conditioning units and sell it for scrap. This prevents your air conditioning from working and is often expensive to replace. Putting a Houston fence around your unit can help thwart copper thieves.

Tips for Designing Your AC Unit Fence

If you’re ready to install a fence around your AC unit, it’s important to keep some things in mind for the design. First, the reason you’re installing the fence may affect what type you install. For example, if you’re mainly installing a fence for aesthetics, you might choose a lattice, wood, or vinyl fence. If it is for AC unit security, then you might choose a chain link or metal fence with a lock. 

Also, keep in mind that your air conditioning unit fence needs to allow for plenty of air flow. Generally, you should try to leave one to three feet of space on all sides of the unit. Also, allow for three to six feet of clearance on top of the unit. Our team can help you design a fence that suits your needs, budget, and aesthetics. 

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