Houston Fence Company Insights: Should You Stain, Seal or Paint Your Fence?

Houston Fence Company Insights: Should You Stain, Seal or Paint Your Fence?

Deciding whether to stain, seal or paint your fence can determine not just its appearance, but its longevity. Your Houston fence company is a great source of information on the right care and treatment options for your new fence. Here are some things to consider while planning to stain, seal, or paint your fence.

Benefits of Staining and Sealing

Staining or sealing your Houston wood fence can help shield it from the elements. It can also enhance the appearance of your entire property. Stains and sealants are designed to repel water and protect your Houston fence from mildew, fungus and fading caused by exposure to sunlight. In addition, they offer a layer of protection against insects, which can damage your fence over time. Because sealants and stains are designed to enhance the natural appearance of your Houston fence, they typically highlight the wood grain and boost curb appeal.

Painting Your Fence

Unlike staining or sealing, painting your fence is a task that must be done every few years. This can make painting less appealing. However, if you want the look of a painted picket or privacy fence, your Houston fence company can recommend other options. For example, vinyl fencing options can provide the same look without extensive maintenance and paint touch ups. Opt for these solutions over painting your wood fence to save time and effort during the life of your new fence.

Maintenance Required for Stains and Sealants

While painting requires the greatest amount of upkeep, stains and sealants must be periodically reapplied to maintain protection for your fence. Your Houston fence company will recommend the right schedule to apply these coatings and manage the appearance and protection for your fence.

Clear Sealant for a Natural Look

Untreated wood quickly turns gray or becomes discolored after exposure to rain, sun and weather. In most cases, a clear sealant will both preserve the natural beauty of your wood and protect it against damage. This is the best compromise to get the natural wood look and protect your fence against exposure to the elements.

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