Houston Fence Gate Options

Ornamental iron Houston fence with matching gate.
Consider a gate for your Houston fence for convenience and easy entry.

If you’re planning a new Houston fence, then you’ll need to consider the type of gate you need. Most homeowners install a gate for their fence so they can easily get in and out of their yards without going through the house. There are many different options for fence gates. In this article, we’ll walk you through some different things to consider for your fence gate.

Gates Usually Match the Houston Fence Style

The first thing we should note is that gates typically match the Houston fence. This means using the same materials and colors. For instance, it’s not common to use a chain link gate on a Houston wood fence or vice versa. 

While gates typically match the fence, there are some ornamental additions you can use to make it stand out from the rest of your fence. For instance, ornamental hardware is a common way to add a little more flair to your fence gate

Check with Your HOA for Fence Gates

Before choosing a gate for your fence, it’s important to check with your homeowner’s association. HOAs typically have guidelines to keep neighborhoods all looking similar for better aesthetics. Rules often apply not only to your fence, but also to the gate you choose. They may have guidelines on the materials you can use, height of your fence and gate, and colors you can use. 

For instance, if you needa fence in The Woodlands, TX, there are specific community guidelines that prevent you from using fences and gates made of materials like chain link and bamboo. They must also match the style guidelines listed in the Residential Development Standards. Many other neighborhoods and communities have strict standards as well, so always check with your HOA. 

Options for Gate Openings

There are several different options to choose from for your fence gate. The first thing to consider is how big you want the opening to be. Generally it will be at least the width of your average doorway. This works well for single gate openings. However, it is certainly an option to make a wider entrance. In these cases, it may be better to have dual gates on both sides of the opening. 

In addition, think about how you want the gate to open for your Houston fence. The most common option is to have the door swing inward or outward, like a standard door in your home. However, you can also choose sliding options to save space. Just keep in mind that this usually means it will move on wheels, so you need some sturdy hardware and a relatively flat area to use this type of door. 

Security Features for Your Houston Fence Gate

Of course, in some cases you may want extra security features on your gate. This is especially true if you’re primarily using the fence for security. Many gates simply have a latch to prevent pets and children from getting in and out of the yard. However, you can pair your gate with locking mechanisms for added security. These may use keys, pin pads, or other options to unlock the gate and allow you to enter your yard, but keep other people out. 

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