Houston Fence Installation Neighbor Etiquette

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When you’re installing a new Houston fence, consider these few pieces of etiquette to ensure the best outcomes for your fence.

Most of us try to be good neighbors, so don’t let that slip away when you’re planning to install a Houston fence. There are a few rules of neighborhood etiquette for installing a new fence. You may want to follow these to stay on your neighbors’ good sides. These steps will also help ensure that you don’t have to move your fence in future.

Define Your Property Lines Before Installing Your Houston Fence

Before you install a Houston fence, you should always define your property lines. Even if you think you know where your property ends and your neighbor’s yard begins, it’s best to be on the safe side. Take a look at your blue prints or paperwork to determine where you’re legally allowed to install a fence. If you don’t have this information, try contacting your records office or a land surveyor. They can help you clearly define your property lines. This helps keep you on the right side of the law for your Houston fence installation.

Research Your HOA’s Rules About Fencing

Additionally, if you have a home owners association, be sure to check if there are any rules about fences that may apply. Your fence company likely knows the county regulations for your fence. However, they more than likely won’t know your HOA’s rules for a new Houston fence. For example, an HOA may have rules about the size, material, and style of your fence. Therefore, to avoid disputes with your HOA, find out the rules while you’re in the planning stages.

Face the Finished Side of Your Houston Wood Fence Toward Your Neighbors

Many fences have a more finished side. For example, a Houston wood fence likely has a side with posts that run parallel to the ground and a side that shows just the vertical wooden pickets. It’s standard practice to face the finished side toward the street and your neighbor’s yard. This is out of politeness for your neighbors, but it also helps increase curb appeal for your property. With your Houston wood fence, consider facing the finished side (the side with no visible posts) toward your neighbors. However, if this doesn’t appeal to you, there are many fences that look identical on both sides. Also, if you’re in love with wooden fences and want the finished side facing your yard, consider a double-sided privacy fence, also known as “sandwich construction” fences.

Talk to Your Neighbors About Your Fence Project

Also, it’s common courtesy to let your neighbors know that you’re planning to install a new Houston fence. Giving your neighbors a heads up will allow them to plan for the noise and work during your Houston fence installation. In some cases, they may want to make arrangements to ensure their children or pets aren’t in the yard while your new fence is installed.

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