Houston Fence Installation Etiquette

It pays to follow the rules of neighborly etiquette when you install a Houston fence. You will avoid costly disputes and the stress of living alongside disgruntled neighbors. With the right approach, the folks next door might even help with the installation cost if the fence will benefit their property too. Follow these tips to keep the peace.

Staying On Your Neighbor’s Good Side

Some panel fences have a good side that looks outward and a reverse side that faces your home. Do not punish other homeowners by installing your fence with the wrong side facing their homes. This does not look professional, and it will hurt your home’s curb appeal too. If you do not care for the look of exposed support rails, choose a fence style that has two identical sides.

Communicating With Your Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors before you hire a Houston fence company to perform the installation. Ultimately, you have the right to decide what style, material, color and height you prefer. You can avoid disagreements and legal battles by talking to your neighbors and asking for their input.

Splitting the Installation Cost

While you are discussing your plans with your neighbors, you might discover that they also want to build a fence. If you are on good terms, you might be able to split part of the installation cost. Remember that no one is obligated to pay for your fence.

Maintaining Your Fence

Consider maintenance requirements before you select a fence. A Houston wood fence needs much more care compared to vinyl or aluminum. Maintenance determines how nice your fence looks and how long it lasts. To keep everyone happy, you should maintain both sides of the structure. If your neighbor has an ugly, dilapidated fence, you might offer to help with the cost of a replacement if the new fence would benefit you.

Establishing Accurate Property Lines

In some Houston neighborhoods, the property markers are long gone, so many homeowners can only guess where their yards begin and end. Check with the county tax assessor to view your property records and boundaries. Always keep your fence at least 18 inches inside your property line to avoid disputes and the cost of removing and rebuilding a fence that encroaches on your neighbor’s yard.

For assistance assessing your property and selecting an attractive design that improves your home’s value, call 281-895-9500 to speak with the experts at Summit Fence North. We will install a fence that accomplishes your goals and keeps your neighbors happy.