Houston Fence Law: Purple Fence Posts = No Trespassing

Houston fence in wooded area with purple fence post
A Houston fence with a purple post means no trespassing!

Do you know about the purple paint law? If you see a Houston fence with purple paint on it, it’s time to turn in the other direction! These serve as no trespassing signs in the Lone Star state and many other places! 

Why Put Purple Paint on a Houston Fence?

So, why would you use purple paint on your Houston fence to signal no trespassing? Well, if you want someone charged with criminal trespass on your property, you must inform them that it’s private property and there’s no trespassing allowed. You can inform people any number of ways, but one of the most popular is a no trespassing sign. 

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to these signs. First, inclement weather can easily blow them away, leaving your property without proper signs. Also, many people steal these signs, whether as a prank, or to try to get away with criminal trespassing. 

However, painting some of your Houston wood fence posts purple is less appealing to sign thieves, and they’re also harder to remove. This is where the purple paint law comes into play. This was to help give an option to landowners so they didn’t have to replace their no trespassing signs so frequently. Instead, you can simply pick up a can of purple spray paint (often named “No Hunting Purple”) and you’re good to go for quite a while. 

The state of Texas passed the law in 1997– the same year we started doing business! Many people believe purple was chosen not for its aesthetic, but because most color blind people can see purple. 

Now, you’re probably not going to see a lot of purple fence posts inside city limits. Generally speaking, most landowners use it for ranches and other land to help stop hunters from trespassing on their land. Though, we’ll say there’s probably nothing stopping you from painting your Houston fence purple (except maybe your HOA, so double check before painting the town purple). 

Information about the Purple Paint Law

As we mentioned, you’re probably not going to see a lot of purple fence posts in Houston proper. However, if you’re out hunting, fishing, or doing other outdoor activities near ranchland, knowing the purple paint law can help keep you out of trouble. Criminal trespassing is typically a class B misdemeanor. If you’re carrying a weapon, then it can get bumped up to class A. However, even if you’re caught within 100 feet of the boundary of agricultural land, you could still end up with a class C misdemeanor. So, don’t go ignoring any purple fences!

If you’re looking to use this novel no trespassing sign on your own property, then you’ll need some information. You can’t just put a little dot of paint in one area and call it good. For the purple paint law, you need to paint either a fence post or a tree trunk with paint vertically at least eight inches tall and one inch wide. Also, the bottom of the mark must be within three to five feet from the ground. You’ll also need to have the mark every 100 feet in wooded areas or every 1,000 feet in open areas. This is to help ensure visibility for anyone approaching your land. 

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