Houston Fence on a Slope Options

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A racked Houston fence follows the contours of the ground.

How do you install a Houston fence when your yard is on a slope? This is a common question about fence installation. Luckily, there are solutions for your needs and budget when you have a yard on a hill. Your fence experts can help you determine the best course of action for your property.  There are pros and cons to each type of sloped fence. In some cases, your HOA may have guidelines on what kind of fence you can have for your sloped yard. If not, you will need to decide between a racked fence and a stepped fence if you need to install a fence on a hill.

Racked Houston Fence

A racked Houston fence is one of the most popular ways to install a fence on a slope. This installation method follows the contours of the ground, keeping the fence parallel with the slope of your property. This means that the bottom and the top will be approximately the same shape as the ground where you install your fence in The Woodlands, TX. With a racked fence, you get a custom, uniform look for your home or commercial property.

However, racked fences do come with some drawbacks. If the ground is steep, this type of fence installation may not work for your property. If the ground slopes more than 26.8%, a racked fence may not be the best option. For steep yards, ask your fence contractor to come inspect the area to find the right solution for you.

How Much Does My Yard Slope?

So, how do you determine ground slope for your Houston fence? Gather some stakes, string, a level, and a tape measure to start. Then, place a stake at the highest point of your yard and a stake every eight feet until you reach the lowest point. Next, take the string and tie it next to the ground on the first stake you placed. Pull the string taut and tie it to the next stake, using the level to make sure the string is level. Continue this until you reach the last stake you placed.

Once you have your stakes in place and you’re sure the string is level, you will need to take some measurements. Use your measuring tape to measure the length of the string from the bottom stake to the top stake. Then, measure the distance between the ground at the bottom stake and where the string is on that stake.

After you have your measurements, you will divide the height by the length. To get slope percentage, move the decimal point to the right by two places. For example, if the measurement between the ground and the string on the lowest stake was one foot and the length of the string was 10 feet, you divide 1 by 10, which equals 0.1. Once you move the decimal, you have 10. Therefore, your yard slopes 10%. Your Houston fence experts will use this number to determine whether to install a racked fence or a stepped fence.

Stepped Houston Fence

A stepped Houston fence is an option for steeper hills. This type of fence installation looks like stairs, stepping up every so often to accommodate the slope of the ground. Because the tops and bottoms of the fence remain level despite the slope of the ground, stepped fences do leave gaps underneath the fence, generally in small triangles. Many homeowners dislike this because these gaps can allow pets to escape the yard, which is why most choose racked fences. However, if this isn’t an option for your yard, you can fill in the gaps with soil to help stop your pets from getting out.

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