Splitting Costs for Houston Fence with Neighbors

Planning on installing a new Houston fence? You might wonder whether your neighbors need to split the cost if the fence will divide your properties. Splitting costs for a fence can be a great idea for many homeowners. However, there are a few rules of etiquette if you’d like to share costs of a fence with your neighbor.

Does My Neighbor Have to Split the Cost of a Houston Fence with Me?

First off, let’s clear up a misconception: your neighbor doesn’t have to split the cost of the fence with you. Even though they may benefit from the fence, there’s no legal obligation for them to pay for any part of your fence, even if you place it right on the property line. We’ve heard of a lot of people building a fence and then demanding reimbursement from their neighbors because of this misconception. Obviously that’s not very neighborly, but also you’ll have no legal standing. However, you can ask if they’d like to chip in. Many neighbors do so happily!

It’s usually a good idea to talk to your neighbors about your plans for a Houston fence anyway. During this conversation, the neighbor may offer to split the cost of fence installation and maintenance, or you can ask if they’d be willing to. This can offer several benefits for both you and the neighbor. 

Wooden Houston fence against sky helps separate two neighboring properties.
They say good fences make good neighbors, but when should you split the costs of a new Houston fence with your neighbor?

Advantages of Sharing Fence Costs

One of the most obvious reasons many people split the costs of a fence is that it can save you some money. It’s also often a mutually beneficial agreement, as your neighbor gets the benefit of privacy and security of part of the fence. 

In many cases, splitting the costs of the fence also means sharing maintenance costs and responsibilities. This can be incredibly helpful, as every fence will need some maintenance. Even low-maintenance vinyl options still need a wash every so often. For wood fences, they need regular staining or sealing to keep them in good repair. With a shared fence, many neighbors agree to perform necessary maintenance on their side to make things simple and cost-effective.

However, keep in mind that you may have to compromise on some things if your neighbor is sharing the costs. For example, they may want a say in the design. So, you’ll want to talk all this out before scheduling the installation. 

Also, as we mentioned, your neighbor isn’t required to split the costs of your new fence with you. If they’re not willing to, you can still build your fence. Our Houston fence company still recommends keeping things cordial even if your neighbor doesn’t go for sharing the costs. It’s still a good idea to discuss your plans with them as a courtesy. Also, if your neighbor isn’t going to share the maintenance responsibilities, then you’ll likely want to place the fence a few feet away from your property line. This way you can perform maintenance without trespassing on their property. 

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