Houston Wood Fence Cleaning Solutions

White Houston wood fence with dirt and grime.
There are several things you can use to wash your Houston wood fence.

If you have a Houston wood fence, it’s important to perform some basic maintenance to keep it looking great for years to come. Over time, your fence can get dirty or even stained, which means you’ll need to give it a good cleaning at least a few times a year. However, what exactly do you use to clean a wooden fence? We’ll explore some of your options in this article. 

When to Clean Your Houston Wood Fence

First and foremost, when exactly do you need to clean your Houston fence? Generally, you should clean them any time there’s visible dirt or stains on the wood panels. In addition, you’ll need to give your fence a thorough cleaning before you repaint or restain the wood. A good rule of thumb is to clean your fence at least once per year or more.

Cleaning Solutions for Your Houston Fence

So, what do you use to clean a wooden fence? There are many different options, but three of the most common are water, bleach, and eco-friendly outdoor cleaners. Each comes with its own benefits, so let’s dive into the differences and how to use these fence cleaners. 


Water is one of the safest cleaning options for your Houston wood fence. The good news is, you can use just water to clean off your fence for most things. For instance, if you see a little dirt or some grass clippings on your fence, you can simply take your garden hose or a pressure washer (on a low setting) to your fence. This can help remove dirt, debris, and grime to prevent damage to your fence. 

Bleach Solutions for Your Wood Fence

Sometimes, however, the wooden panels in your fence may get stained. For heavy stains, you might need to use bleach to get rid of them. If water alone doesn’t work and you notice heavy stains from things like algae, then consider using bleach. You can mix one quart of bleach to about one gallon of water and use it to clean and remove stains from your Houston wood fence. Just be careful, as this solution can kill any grass or plants around the fence. Lay some plastic tarps down before using bleach to clean your fence. 

Special Eco-Friendly Cleaners

There are also many eco-friendly fence cleaning products you can buy as well. These typically are designed to remove dirt and debris and treat mild to moderate stains on your wooden fence. Usually they don’t have ingredients that hurt surrounding plants, either, so that’s a big plus. However, they are likely more expensive than the other options we’ve listed in this article, so keep that in mind. 

Vinegar Solutions for Your Houston Wood Fence

If you have mold or mildew on your Houston wood fence but don’t want to risk killing your plants by using a bleach solution, you can also try a vinegar solution to clean your fence instead. Simply mix one cup of vinegar and half a cup of liquid dish soap to about 2 gallons of water for this fence cleaning solution. The vinegar’s acidity will typically kill any mold or mildew on your fence, while the soap helps remove tough dirt and grime on the fence posts and panels. 

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