Houston Wood Fence: What is a Shadow Box Fence?

Shadowbox Houston wood fence
A shadow box fence is a type of Houston wood fence that is a cross between a privacy fence and a picket fence.

There are many types of fences to choose from. One type of Houston wood fence is called a shadow box fence, also known as a board-on-board fence. These fences offer a unique look and several benefits compared to your average privacy fence or picket fence. In this article, we’ll explain what a shadow box fence is and why you might want one for your yard.

What is a Shadow Box Houston Wood Fence?

A shadow box fence is a type of Houston wood fence. It’s like a mix between a picket fence and  a privacy wood fence. This fence uses vertical pickets on both sides of the fence rails in an alternating pattern. You can think of it like two picket fences sandwiched together. Therefore, there is no “finished side” or “ugly side” and it offers more privacy than a standard picket fence. 

You can customize these fences in a variety of ways to meet your expectations for aesthetics. For instance, you can choose different shapes for the top of the pickets to match your design needs, like rounded, squared, or gothic style. Depending on the amount of privacy you want, you can also adjust how much overlap there is between the pickets to increase privacy and decrease light and airflow through the Houston fence

Benefits of a Shadow Box Houston Fence

Shadow box fences offer many benefits. One is that both sides look the same, so there’s no worrying about which side faces your yard or your neighbors’. They all look the same and all look like finished sides of a Houston wood fence. 

Also, they offer quite a bit of privacy. One of the main drawbacks of picket fences is that they let people see into your yard. With a shadow box fence, the pickets are all spaced close together to prevent prying eyes from looking into your yard. Depending on how much overlap you decide on for the pickets, they may not be able to see into your yard at all, even standing close to the fence. 

Additionally, because they have pickets on both sides of the fence rails, these fences are incredibly durable. This means they can last much longer than many other types of fences. Because they have space for wind to flow through, they might also stand up to windy conditions better than many other types of fences.

Shadow box fences also look nice. Because the pickets alternate sides of the fence rail, it creates a unique look for the fence, allowing the light and shadows to play on the surface of the pickets and bring out the different hues and textures in the wood. Add in other design elements like the picket design and you have a distinct, beautiful fence for your property.

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