How to Cost Effectively Clean Your Vinyl Fence

One of the benefits of having a vinyl fence is that you never need to paint it. However, your fence will get dirty. There is simply no way around it. When it does, all you have to do is clean it. Dirt and dust can make it appear dingy and grey. If you live in a very humid environment like Houston, your fence may get green stains from mold and mildew. With just a little regular maintenance, your fence will look as nice as the day it was installed. These tips from a Houston fence company will lower the cost and make cleaning your vinyl fence easy.

Before you go running to the hardware store to waste your hard-earned cash on some high-end toxic product to clean your Houston fence, walk over to your pantry. Get out a bottle of white vinegar. You can also use dish soap if you are low on vinegar. Add 1 cup of vinegar or dish soap to 2 gallons of water for a perfect cleaning solution.

For a normal seasonal cleaning, spray the fence with your garden hose. That will get rid of most of the dust and dirt. Then, wipe down the fence with a clean rag dipped in the vinegar or dish soap solution. You might need to go over some portions twice depending on how much dirt has accumulated. When you have finished wiping your Houston area fence in Cypress TX, spray it with your garden hose to get rid of any residue.

If your fence has tough stains from grass, mold or mildew, you need to step up the strength of your cleaning solution. A mixture of 1 part bleach to 5 parts water works great. Use more bleach for a white fence, and use less for a colored fence. Repeat the process if the stains are still there.

For really difficult grass, tar or grease stains, clean the fence with bleach. Then, put on some rubber gloves so that you can clean the bad areas with mineral spirits or automotive tar remover. After you have removed the stains, rinse the fence with your hose or buckets of water.

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