How to Properly Seal Your Houston Wood Fence

commercial-wood-fenceYour wood fence and deck area take a lot of abuse over the course of a typical Texas year. Extremes of cold and heat, rainfall and wind and many other weather conditions can reduce the beauty and durability of your fence. Consulting with your local Houston fence company can often provide you with the right guidance to keep your fence looking its best for the long haul. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when sealing and staining your new or existing fence.

Minimize Moisture

Stain and sealant must soak into wood to produce the most effective results. For this reason, it is best to wait for at least a few days after the most recent rainfall before beginning your staining or sealing process. This can allow the sealant to absorb more fully into the wood to extend the life of your wood fence. Wood stain does not by itself repel moisture and by using a sealer first, the wood stain can be applied more evenly.

Act Quickly

As soon as your Houston fence installation crew completes your new home perimeter, it is time to apply the initial coat of wood sealant to begin the protection process. Both pressure-treated and regular lumber can benefit from sealant treatments and can deliver greater longevity to maximize the value of your fencing investment. By preventing moisture from gaining a foothold, you can extend the longevity of your wood fence.

Perform Repair Work First

If your existing wood fence is missing a few slats or requires more extensive repair work, scheduling a visit from a professional Houston fence installation company before beginning your sealant application project can save you time and effort. By completing any necessary repairs before staining or sealing your fence, you can be sure that all parts of your home perimeter are protected against deterioration and moisture to extend their useful lives.

Repeat as Needed

Houston typically enjoys relatively temperate winter weather and hot, humid summers that can have a serious impact on the appearance and durability of your home’s wood fence. Wood preservation experts recommend resealing your wood fence and deck at least once every two years in humid subtropical climates like ours. One easy-to-perform check is the water drop test; if a droplet of water applied to the surface of your older fence absorbs into the wood rather than beading up, it is likely time for another application. By renewing your sealant regularly, you can keep your wood fence in tip top condition for years to come.

Consult the Professionals

Companies that sell and install fence in Cypress, TX, and the surrounding areas can provide you with the most accurate recommendations for selecting the right sealant formulation for your wood fence. Different types of wood may require higher or lower viscosity and may benefit from specialized sealants designed to enhance the beauty of your fence. Your Houston fence professionals can provide you with expert information tailored to your particular needs.

Mix but Match

Purchasing multiple containers of the same color and blending a portion of each container into your work bucket can ensure uniform color intensity and viscosity throughout your sealing and staining project. This can improve the appearance of your finished project and can allow you to achieve the most consistent results from your first brushstroke to final touches.

Paint the Fence

Sponges, sprayers and other application methods offer added convenience for homeowners. However, in most cases, the humble paintbrush offers the most even coverage and reliable results. By taking the time to paint sealant evenly over both sides of your wood fence, you can achieve exceptional results in terms of lasting protection and enduring curb appeal.

Working with a trusted Houston fence company can help you create an attractive and dependable perimeter that provides security, privacy and convenience for your yard and garden areas. Maintaining your wood fences can help you get the most from your initial financial investment and can increase your enjoyment of your property for years into the future.