How to Select the Right Houston Fence Company

ornamental-iron1If you are considering installing a fence in Cypress, TX, Houston or The Woodlands there are several important things to consider when hiring a Houston fence company. Fencing becomes an integral part of the landscape and contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your property. It also provides privacy, security and can be used to partition, enhance or isolate portions of the area around a structure or within a plot of land. As with any home improvement project, using common sense and good business practices are necessary when selecting a fencing contractor.


A contractor should have experience in your area. Installing a fence in Cypress, TX requires knowledge about materials that are appropriate for the climate and extremes of weather. Inappropriate materials may degrade quickly in the high heat and high humidity common to the southeast Texas. The contractor should also have an understanding of area soils and the type of soil on your lot. Fencing must be well-anchored into the ground to prevent movement during rains or as the soil contracts and expands. Poor installation may cause fencing to shift, crack or even collapse.


Ask the contractor about the range of materials available for your project. There are many types of fencing materials, each with a unique visual appeal and tensile strength. Materials range from vinyl, wood, ornamental metal and aluminum to steel mesh. Depending on your needs, a fencing contractor may recommend materials that blend with the style of your home, provide security or meet your budget.

Be cautious about choosing the least expensive option. Inexpensive materials may lower costs initially but may not last or withstand extremes of weather or repeated use.

On-Site Inspection and Written Estimate

A reputable Houston fencing company should visit your site and evaluate the area to be fenced. Merely calculating the amount of linear feet needed to construct and install the fence is not adequate. An experienced contractor will evaluate your soil, determine directional wind patterns, calculate the perimeter of the area and look at the style of architecture on your property to ensure that the materials used are compatible with the overall look of the site and conform to neighborhood restrictions.

The contractor should discuss the range of materials available for the project. If you are enclosing a swimming pool, do you want complete privacy or only a security barrier? Where should gates be placed? What aesthetic values do you associate with the fencing? Would you like garden areas to be visible but physically separated from other activity areas? Should the fence be high enough to prevent animals from entering or leaving the property?

After evaluating the site and recommending appropriate materials, the contractor should provide a written estimate detailing the number of days required to complete the job, number of people assigned, amount and types of materials and possible contingencies. No matter how experienced a contractor may be, unexpected circumstances may arise that can increase costs. Ask how these will be addressed.


Ask the company for references from previous clients. Be sure to ask if the clients have given permission for prospective customers to call them. After getting references, follow through by calling them. A list of questions might include:

  • Was the work completed as outlined and within budget?
  • Was it completed on time?
  • Were technicians knowledgeable?
  • Were they respectful to property and did they clean up after themselves?
  • Would this client recommend them?
  • Have there been any problems with materials or installation since the work was completed?

Third-party organizations such as the Houston Better Business Bureau provide information about service companies doing business in Houston, The Woodlands and Cypress, Texas. Look online or call the local BBB to see how the business is ranked.

Warranties and Guarantees

Ask the contractor about warranties and guarantees. Many manufacturing companies provide warranties for their materials. The fencing contractor may also offer a warranty period and guarantee for labor and installation. Do not be afraid to ask questions about details regarding installing a fence on your Cypress, TX, The Woodlands or Houston property.