Incorporating an Arbor into Your Houston Fence and Landscaping Design

Arbors combine the elegance of an archway with the practicality of a trellis to create a unique accent for your garden or yard. Affordable and versatile, these additions to your landscaping can have a real impact on the overall look of your property. Consulting with a company that specializes in Houston fence installation and design can help you determine the right configuration for your home or business while ensuring that you enjoy the best guidance for your landscaping project. Here are some of the most popular ways to incorporate arbors into your overall exterior design.

The Perfect Entryway

Creating a unique and memorable entry point to your Houston residence or business premises can be as simple as installing an elegant arched arbor. For added visual appeal, consider training vines and climbing plants to cover it. This process may take a few years to complete. At the end of that period, however, you will have a beautiful and natural entryway that will welcome guests to your property in style.

A Garden Nook

Arbors can be combined with decorative fencing from a Houston fence company and outdoor seating to create an idyllic retreat for you and your guests. Framing this area with colorful flowers or fragrant plants can add to the appeal of these nooks and can provide a welcome respite from the noise and bustle of everyday life. A bench, chairs or other furniture can create the perfect environment for relaxing and enjoying conversations with friends and family. Choosing an arbor that can provide shade during hot summer afternoons can further increase the utility of your outdoor retreat.

The Privacy Arbor

Arbors can also be used to create added privacy in your backyard area. By joining two or more arbors with fabric, you can construct a shaded area that blocks out unwanted eyes. This can allow you to enjoy greater seclusion and privacy even in densely populated areas. Reduced visibility from outside your property can also afford a greater measure of protection against unwanted intrusions and unwelcome guests.

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