Why Install a New Houston Wood Fence in Winter?

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Consider installing your new Houston wood fence in the winter.

Are you dreaming of spring so you can finally install a new Houston wood fence? There’s no need to wait. Consider installing your new fence now. It’s a common misconception that you must wait until spring or summer to start putting in a new fence. However, there are actually several advantages to starting a fence project in the winter. If your fence won’t last until spring or you’re just ready to get started, winter time is a great time for a new fence

Why Install Your New Houston Wood Fence Before Everyone Else? 

Peak season for fence projects are in the spring and summer. This is often because people are looking at and thinking more about their fences during this time. However, this also means that there’s often a longer wait for a new Houston fence during this time. By contrast, we are generally able to provide even prompter service in the winter because fewer people are looking for fence services. Therefore, you can often get your fence installed quicker in the winter. Another important consideration is that the permitting office is often less busy during this time as well. This means you may also be able to get a permit for your fence project sooner than if you wait until spring or summer.

Winter is the Perfect Time for Houston Fence Installation

However, there are plenty more benefits to installing a fence in the winter than just quick turnaround. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about installing a new fence, there’s no time like the present. Take advantage of winter fence installation for many different reasons. 

Plenty of Privacy with a Houston Wood Fence

If you’re installing a Houston wood fence, you likely love the privacy it offers for your yard. However, if you have shrubbery or trees, installing a new fence in the spring may mean losing out on some privacy during the winter. Lush springtime foliage does a great job at blocking the view into your yard, but that all goes away in the winter. Therefore, installing a fence in the winter can help you address your yard’s privacy needs all year round. 

Preventing Landscaping Damage

Another great benefit of installing a Houston fence in the winter is that your plants, trees, and grass are dormant during the winter. This means there’s less chance of landscaping damage from installing your fence. Generally, plants are a lot more resilient to changes in their dormant states. Therefore, putting in a fence in the winter can help reduce any damage from digging for fence posts. 

No Interference with Spring and Summer Fun

Most of us stay inside more during the winter due to chillier temperatures. Installing your Houston wood fence in the winter means fewer interruptions to summer cookouts and fine spring days. Scheduling fence installation now can mean even more time to play in the yard by the time the weather starts warming up again. 

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